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Saraf Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Consumergoods Products - Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1987

SARAF IMPEX was established in the year 1987 by the Saraf Group which is a widely diversified group of companies with interest in Trading, Timber, Shipping, Minning, Global Trade, Real Estate, as well as investments, domestically and regionally. 30 years ago when the group started with a modest timber trading house, there was only one aim in front of them, i.E., to "RISE" with R-Reliability, I-Integrity, S-Sincerity, E-Enterprise which we believe in still today.
SARAF IMPEX was founded with an aim of placing the group in Global Trade by engaging extensively in the field of export. This not only helped the Group in keeping pace with the changing technologies worldwide but also helped the nation in earning valuable foreign exchange through its export activities. In the arena of global trade we export numerous varieties of goods and services worldwide.
Our deep rooted connection with India and the world has helped us to venture into the territories which no other company dreamt of. This was mainly due to the Group's Shipping connections worldwide which become an integral part in the entire export infrastructure.
Our export items ranges from jute products, poultry feeds, textiles & garments, chemicals, surgical items, engineering goods, agro products, e.G. Rice and wheat, minerals and metals, which are exported to Middle East Asia, Russia, Latin America, Europe and many other countries world wide. This was mainly achieved due to our strong service organisation, integelligent marketing strategy, good technical knowledge and prompt attention paid to every small or large orders from every corner of the world, whenever required by our customers.
SARAF IMPEX is ready with newer ideas and new associations for the comming 21st Century to aspire growth, success and prosperity for the group and above all for the nation.

Products :
We are Exporters of Following Products. Our Products are : * Textile A. Jute Products -Hessian Bags -Jute Cloth -B.Twill Bags -Jute Yarn -Shopping Bags -Gift Items -Blended Yarns -Furnishing & Upholstery Fabrics B. Textiles -Cotton Yarn -Cotton Canvas -Scarves and Mufflers -Vests and Briefs -Cotton Fabrics & Blended Fabrics -Denim-Shirts & Jackets, Fabrics -Sewing Threads -Knitted Fabrics -Uniform & Boiler Suits -Garment Accessories-Bags & Enblems -Handkerchiefs -Knitwear -Lace -Leather Cloth -Quilts -Readymade Garments- Shirts, Skirts, etc. -Labels, Laces, Embroidery -Cotton Terry Towels -Bed Sheets, covers, Pillow covers -Dress Materials -Furnishing Material -Cotton Flannel -Raw Cotton -Velvet Fabric C. MAN MADE -PP/HDPE Bags, Jumboo Bags -Acrylic yarn & Fabrics, Made-ups -Georgette Fabric -Polyester, Yarn Fabric, Made-ups -Vicose Yarn Fabric Made-ups -Tarpulin * Chemical & Allied Products 1. Acid/Solvents 2. Organic/Inorganic 3. Textile Chemicals 4. Leather Chemicals 5. Dyes & Dyestuff 6. Lubricants 7. Transformers Oils 8. Chemicals for Pharmaceuticals Industries 9. Chemicals for Paint Industry, Ceramic Industry 10. Const. Chemicals 11. Chemicals for Maintainence 12. Rubber Chemicals A. SOLVENTS : -Acetone HOCL -Aniline Oil -Benzene -Butanol -Butyl Acetate -Carbon Tetra Chloride -Chloroform -Diacetone Alcohol -Diethylene Glycol -Ethyl Acetate -Ethylene Dichloride -Isopropyl Alcohol -Methanol -Methylene Chloride -Methy Thy Ketone -Monoethylene Glycol -Propylene Glycol -Trichloroethylene -Toluene -Turpentine Oil -Xylene B. ORGANIC : -Acetic Anhydride -Acetic Acid -Acid Slurry -Benzoic Acid -Citric Acid -Formaldehyde -Glycerine -Glue Flakes -Oleoresins, Flavours -Maleic Anhydride -Oxalic Acid -Paraffin Wax -Phenol -Phthalic Anhydride -Sodium Acetate -Sodium Alginate -Stearic Acid -Tartaric Acid -Fumeric Acid -Formic Acid -Nitric Acid -Sulfuric Acid -Essential Oils B. INORGANIC : -Aluminium Sulphate -Ammonium Bicarbonate -Ammonium Chloride -Ammonium Nitrate -Barium Carbonate -Barium Chloride -Bleaching Powder -Borax -Boric Acid -Calcium Chloride Solid -Calcium Chloride Anhydrous -Calcium Carbonate -Caustic Soda Flakes -Chromic Acid -Copper Sulphate -Ferric Chloride -Ferrous Sulphate -Hydros -Hydrogen Peroxide -Lead Acetate -Magnesium Carbonate -Magnesium Chloride Crystals -Magnesium Sulphate -Nickel Chloride -Nickel Sulphate -Phosphoric Acid -Potassium Bichromate -Potassium Carbonate -Potassium Dichromate -Potassium Hydroxide -Soda Ash -Soda Bicarbonate -Sodium Cyanide -Sodium Flouride -Sodium Nitrate -Sodium Sulphate -Sodium Bisulphate -Sodium Silicate -Sodium Hexameta Phosphate -Zinc Chloride -Zinc Oxide -Detergent Powder B. FEED INGREDIENTS : -Di-Calcium Phosphate -Guar-Gum -Molasses -Maize Starch/Tapioca Starch -Dextrose Anhydrate -Dextrose Monohydrate -Liquid Glucose -Soya-Lecithin C. TEXTILE CHEMICALS: -Softeners -Designing Agents -Fixing Agents -Optical Whitener -All other Auxilliary Chemicals -Dye & Dyestuff D. LEATHER CHEMICALS: -Sodium Sulphate -Vats - Acidic Vat/Anionic -Chrome Tanning Basic Chrome Sulphate -Wattle Extract -Special Softener - Solvent Base/Fully Synthetic Base -Auxilliary: 1. Soda Ash 2. Sodium Formate 3. Sodium Bisulphate Dyes: 1. Acid Dyes 2. Basic Dyes 3. 1:1 Metal Complex Dyes 4. 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes 5. Solvent Soluble Dyes Finishing Auxilliary: 1. Fillers 2. Silicone Base Emulsion Binders - Resin Binders Pigment: 1. Casein Free 2. Casein Base Corrected Grains Chemicals * Medical Goods I. SURGICAL DISPOSABLES -Nelaton Catheter -Male Cath -Suction Catheter -Guedel Airways -Oxy-set -Flexi Mask -Umbilical Catheter -Scalp Vain Set -Pedia Drip -Vein-O-Line -Pressure Monitorimg Tube -Mini Vac Set -Chest Drainage Catheter -Ryle's Tube -Levin's Tube -Infant Feeding Tube -Infant Mucus Extractor -Colo Bag -Corrugated Drainage Sheet -Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Set -IV Sets -Micro Drip Set -Needles -Syringes -B.T. Sets -Blood Bags -Surgical Catgut (Plain / Chronia) USP with / without Needles -Sterile Surgical Blades -Urine Bags with Bottom Outlet & Non-Return Valve -Latex Gloves-Surgical -Latex Gloves-Examination II. SURGICAL DRESSINGS : -Absorbent Cotton -Absorbent Gauze -Roller Bandages -Absorbent Lint -Crepe Bandeges -Elastic Adhesive Bandage: BP -Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster: USP/BP -Ankle/Knee Braces A. Gauze Rolls B. Gauze & Cotton Tissue C. Swab Gauze-Gauze Spong D. Medicated Gauze Dressing E. Skin Traction Kit F. Cosmetic Make-up Tissue G. Defence Field Dressing III. HOSPITAL FURNITURES : -Beds -Wheel Chair -Stools -Cup Boards -Bed Side Screen -Trolley -Tables -O.T. Tables -Special Application Beds * Agro & Food Products (A) CEREALS, GRAINS SEEDS : Rice: Basmati/Non-Basmati Maize Rye Barley Sorgsgum Wheat HPS Groundnut Kernels Sesame Seeds Castor Seeds Sunflower Seeds Rape Seeds Neem Seeds Pulses Sago Seeds (B) SPICES : Black Pepper Pepper Powder Turmeric Finger & Powder Red Chilli-Stemless/W.Stem Chilli Powder Ginger & Ginger Powder Nutmeg Powder Corriander Powder & Seeds Cumin Seed & Powder Fenugreek Mustard Powder Cardamom Tamrind Garlic Aniseed Clove Clinnamon Asafoetida Curry Powder (C) PLANTATION PRODUCTS : Tea Coffee Tobacco Cashew Kernels (D) EDIBLE OILS : Soyabean Oils Groundnut Oils Coconut Oils Sunflower Oils Cotton Seeds Rape Seeds Musterd Oils Rice Oils (E) FEED & FODDER : Deoiled Cakes of Soyabean Rape Seed Sunflower Seeds Cotton Seeds Groundnuts Rice Bran (Deoiled) Wheat Bran Maize (Gluten) (F) READY TO EAT PRODUCTS : Fruit Drinks Tomato Puree Corn Flour Pickles in Brine/Oil Drinking Chocolate Active Dry Yeast Hot & Soya Sauce Biscuits Salt Blended Spices Fruit Concentrates Fruit/Pulps Tomato Paste Cordials & Syrups Coconut Products (G) OTHERS : Wheat Flour Starch (Corn, Tapioca) Guar-Gum Molassess Sugar * Minerals, Metals & Engineering Goods A. MINERAL : Salt Silica Quartz Barytes Calcite China Clay Dolomite Lime Stone Mica Talc Iron Oxide Feldspar Calcined Aluminium Barium Sulphate Calcium Carbonate Cobalt Sulphate Marble Granite Zinc Zircon Aluminium Hydfrate Cobalt Oxide Bentonite Cement & Cement Products Emery Grains & Powder B. METALS & ENGG. GOODS : Indl Files Hand Tools Nut, Bolts & Fasteners Pipe & Pipe Fitting Cons. Equipments Steel Furnitures Cycle Parts Pumps & Motors Hospital Furnitures Builders Hardwares Ferro Alloys Iron-Steel-CR/HR Alloys in Coils, Sheets, Angles, Plates, Profiles, Sections Aluminium Foils Wire of Iron, Stainless Steel Aluminium Ingots Fencing Material, Chain-Pulley, Hoists Spare Parts for Jute Mills, Textiles Agriculturel Implements Wire Cloth/Wire Mesh Pipes-Rcc/Spun, Titles Sheet Glass Glass Bottles Tiles C. MACHINERY : For Packaging Industry Food Processing Industry Boilers Engines, Pumps, Motors Machines for Textile Industry Printing Machines Machines for Feed Meal Machines for Plastic goods Wood Working Machinery Oil Mill Machinery Electrical Wires & Cables D. CAST IRON PRODUCTS & DUCTILE : Manhole Covers Granitings Sanitary Fittings Furniture Fencing Material E. RUBBER PRODUCTS : Tyres for Cars Bicycles Heavy Vehicles Fan Belts Hoses * Consumer & other Miscellaneous Goods 1. COSMETICS & TOILETRIES : Shaving Blades Body Sprays Hand & Body Lotions Hair Shampoo Deodrants Nail Polish Detergent Powder Lip Sticks Cleansers Skin Toners Eye Liner Eye Shadow Lip Liner Nail Cleaners 2. THERMOWARES & PLASTIC GOODS : Vacuum Flasks Mugs Waste Paper Buskets Soap Cases Brush Baskets Buckets with & without lid Drums & Tubs Lime Juicer Palstic PVC Pipes Flour Sieves Crates Chairs & Tables Pet Bottles Baby Products-Feeding Bottles, Soothers. Glass, Fork, Spoon 3. HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES : Lanterns Irons Toasters Ovens Mixers Water Filters Room Heaters Storage Water Heaters Pressure Cooker 4. AYURVEDIC & HERBAL PRODUCTS : Chyanvanprash Special Honey Shikakai Powder Harbal Shampoo Harbal Moisture Harbal Lotion Hair Oil Anteseptic Cream Trifala Tablet & Churna Balm Ashwagandha Balaguti Harde Churna Amla Powder Rose Water Multani Powder Heenara 5. KITCHENWARE & UTENSILS (Various Product made of) : Stainless Steel Glass Ceramic Plastic Aluminium 6. LEISURE GOODS : Swings Hammocks etc., made of cotton/Jute 7. PAPER PRODUCTS : Photocopy Paper Writing Paper Printing Paper Craft Paper Packaging Paper Coated Paper Art Paper Paper Goods : -Paper Sacks -Cup-Plates -Envelope -Paper Flowers -Wall Calender -Stationary Items 8. INTERIOR DECORATION ITEMS : Floor Coverings Paints Wall Paper Ceilling Fans Wall & Floor Tiles Night Lamps Laminates Fluorescent Tubes Glass Lamps

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Exporter of Stainless Steel Glass Ceramic plastic Aluminium etc. LEISURE GOODS: Swings Hammocks etc., made of cotton/Jute.....

Exporter of Lanterns Irons Toasters Ovens Mixers Water Filters Room Heaters Storage Water Heaters Pressure Cooker etc.....

Exporter of Vacuum Flasks Mugs Waste Paper Buskets Soap Cases Brush Baskets Buckets with & without lid Drums & Tubs Lime Juicer Palstic PVC Pipes Flour ....

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Contact Info

Saraf Impex Pvt. Ltd.

1/A, Vansittart Row
Calcutta - 700 001 (West Bengal) India

Phone(s) : +91- 33- 2248-8312 / 5220 / 5221
Mobile :
Fax : +91- 33- 2248-4190 / 2226-4608

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