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Care Living Products


Care Living Products

Kaya Aloe Vera Shampoo


A Quality Product from
Care Living Products [View Profile]
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
Kaya Aloe Vera Shampoo is an excellent beauty therapy for people having complaints of hair fall, dandruff, and protects your hair from environmental pollution. Our unique blend of aloe vera with vitamin E softens, protects and moisturizes restoring the hair strength.

Kaya Aloe Vera Shampoo does not cause any irritation or damage your hairs or scalp because It provides nutrition to your hairs and removes the excess oil and gives following benefits:
-Provides cooling in brain
-Stops hair fall and premature graying of hair
-Removes the dandruff.
-Softens hair and makes it smooth and silky

How to Use
Wet your hairs thoroughly. Apply 5 to 7 ml shampoo to the scalp and gently massage into hair to form a rich rather for 5 minutes. Rinse your hairs completely, Repeat, if necessary.

This is available in packs of 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and1000ml.

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Care Living Products

Manufacturers of Aloe Vera beauty products with unique, anti-aging formulations and natural ingredients to maintain healthy, fresh-looking skin. The natural properties found in aloe vera nourishes and softens the skin and aid in minor skin irritations. Aloe Vera Products :- -Aloe Vera Gel -Aloe Vera Walnut Scrub -Aloe Vera Wheat Germ Oil Massage Creame -Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk -Aloe Vera Sandal Face Pack -Aloe Vera Fairness Creame -Aloe Vera Juice -Aloe Vera Hair Wash -Other Aloe Vera Other Aloe Vera Products :- -Kaya Sunscreen Lotion -Kaya Aloe Vera Soap -Kaya Herbal Vadhia Cream -Kaya Antiseptic Cream -Kaya Liniment Fast Relief -Kaya Aloe Vera Pain Balm

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