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Rishikesh Electromatic Pvt. Ltd


Rishikesh Electromatic Pvt. Ltd

Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaners


A Quality Product from
Rishikesh Electromatic Pvt. Ltd [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
We present a new concept in cleaning system. The New Range of our POWER ULTRASONIC CLEANING SYSYEMS are designed not only for quick,safe & effective cleaning, but also for enhanching Homogenisation, Emulsification, Degassing & Dissolutions effects. Ultrasonic Cleaners save a considerable amount of time & energy as compared to other equipment.
POWER ULTRASONIC CLEANERS provide access for cleaning solutions into the most intricate parts. They perform better cleaning due to 20 kHz operating frequency with higher enetration power than traditional 40 kHz frequencies. This 20 kHz frequency maintains high intensities. The compact High-Tech generator gives you better cavitation for efficient cleaning. Recently introduced is the Stud Welding System which maintains transducers in good contact with the tank. Specially designed tank gives equal distribution of vibrations throughout the cleaning area. Coated with scratch proof Powder Coating, it is resistant against corrosion due to solvents and chemicals.

Product Applications :
-PHARMA : Cleaning of Ampuoles / Vials / Glasswares / Rubber Plugs / Membranes, HPCL filters etc. Tablet Disintegration. Degassing HPLC solvents. In producing Highly stable Suspensions / Emulsions.
-ELECTROPLATING : Removal of Buffing Compounds. Sonocated Electroplating gives a smoother deposit and an increase in plating current. To increase Micro hardness and produce better brightness.
-ELECTRONICS & MEDICAL : Cleaning of PCB's, Circuit Breaker parts, Contacts, Capacitor Cans, Implants, Needles, Surgical & Dental Instrumrnts, Water jets, Opthalmic and Intraocular lenses. ENGINEERING : Degreasing and cleaning Precision Machines Parts and Assemblies, Casting, Bearing, Fuel Injectors, Mesh Filters, Pistons etc.
-PAINTS : To form highly stable Emulsions & Disperse pigments in inks and paints.
-OTHERS : Cleaning of Jewellery, Watch Cases, Straps amd Components, Spinneretes, Drafting and Recording Pens and Photographic Filams etc.

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Rishikesh Electromatic Pvt. Ltd

We Are Manufacturer Of Abbe Refractometer, Anemometer, Color Matching Cabinet, Cylindrical Water Bath, Digital Speed & lengthmeter, Digital Controller, Air Knife, Furnances, Hardness Tester, Hose Dying Machine, Laboratory Oven, Hose Knitting Machine, Melting Point Apparatus, Rapid Oil Extraction, Rectangular Water Bath, Sample Cutter, Shaker Incubator(Rotary/Orbitary), Stroboscope, Shrinkage Tester, Tachometer, Mechanical Tensionmeter, Electronic Tensionmeter, Thermostatic Water Bath, Twist Tester, Vacuum Oven, Single-Feed Knitter, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems.

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