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Japanese Boxwood Comb


A Quality Product from
CAMELLIA Co.Ltd. [View Profile]
Shizuoka-ken - Japan

Description :
Types of materials used to make combs have varied in many ways with changes in hair styles over time, currently a?h boxwood" comb has gained the reputation of being the best among various kinds of hair knick-knacks such as celluloid combs, plastic combs, or hair brushes. It is because of the particular characteristics of boxwood that it has certain desirable attributes; the good quality of the material, as a consequence it has an elaborate finish due to careful and sophisticated techniques cultivated over the past years, characteristic good feel, soft touch to the skin and smoothness when combing. In addition, with regard to materials the high density of the wood has toughness along with elasticity, and possesses the ability to prevent damage to your hair caused by static electricity. The wood is able to prevent static electricity because of its smoothness attributed to its natural oily characteristics, which differs from chemically produced products .The more you use a boxwood comb, the better touch it will have because the sharp teeth of the comb will become blunt. In addition, it will become a beautiful amber color, and you can use it for over thirty years if you use it carefully. The boxwood comb is resistant to produce a static crackle and enables you to set your hair easily. It will also stimulate acupressure points as well as the hair by massaging the scalp to help to maintain a healthy scalp. Have you ever produced static crackles when you pulled your comb through your hair especially if you were using a plastic comb or hairbrush? This is a major cause of split ends or hair loss. According to many books about hair, there were almost no split ends or hair loss in the Edo period (the 17th ~ 19th Century in Japan). Our boxwood combs are made by craftsman with Japanese boxwood. The size varies in size and teeth size. Generally we recommend a small to middle size with regular-sized teeth. The case for Men's comb have been changed to fabric material, and only navy color is available. The color of the case for lady's comb may be different from the photo.All combs come with a 10ml bottle of camellia oil for maintenance.

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