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Uma International


Uma International

Hackle Pliers


A Quality Product from
Uma International [View Profile]
Kolkata - India

Description :
HP-01-Brass Hackle Pliers-Large.
HP-02-Brass Hackle Pliers-Small
HP-03-Deluxe Hackle Pliers Large -Large tapered nose & brass fitting To easy grip hackles.
HP-04-Deluxe Hackle Pliers Small -Tapered nose & brass fitting To easy grip hackles.
HP-05-Small Roto Hackle Pliers-A rotating hackle pliers make easier Tying hackles.
HP-06-Standard Hackle Pliers Lrg Long tapered nose
HP-07-English Hackle Pliers-Round tapered nose.
HP-08-Standard Hackle Pliers Mdm-Medium nose.
HP-09-English Hackle Pliers Mdm -Round tapered nose
HP-12-Midge Hackle Pliers -Mini grip head.
HP-14-Tear Drop Hackle Pliers-Spring fine tip
HP-15-Ezee Hackle Pliers-Plastic.
HP-16-Swiss Hackle Pliers.
HP-17-Standard Roto Hackle Pliers-A rotating hackle pliers make easier Tying hackles.

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Uma International

Manufacturer & Exporter of Fly Fishing Products & Accessories Fly Tying Kit : UI-AA Chrome Tool Kits UI-Travel Tool Kits UI-Angler Tool Kits UI-Spl Crown Tool Kits UI-Streamside Kits UI-Spl Crown Tool Kits UI-Comm Kits on Card Crown Vise in Wooden Box Fly Tying Vises : UI -16 & UI - 17 UI -08 & UI - 06 UI-16 Wheel Vise UI-08 Super AA Vise UI-17 Tye Master Vise UI-06 Royal Vise C-Clamp Fly Tying Materials : Domestic Chicken Capes Domestic Chicken Capes Cock Saddle Hackle Cock Saddle Hackle Peacock Flues Guinea Fowl Feathers Jungle Cock Neck Peacock Eyes Fly Tying Tools : Bobbins General Tools Tackle Bags : Duffel Bag Double Reel Case Everything Holds Tackle Bag Trip Bag Fly Rod Bag Multi Rod Bag Rod Reel Combo Bag

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