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Indeutsch Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Indeutsch Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Natural Hair Brush (Pahmi)


A Quality Product from
Indeutsch Industries Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Noida - India

Description :
Natural Hair Brush (Pahmi) -
Good for make up applications . Soft hair with ideal strength. Used in premium brushes.
Our natural hairs are primarily sourced from China, Japan & Europe. We specialise in the art of hair dressing which in turn enhances the function & life of the hair.

Our workforce is trained to handle all type of hair and it works with maximum care in order to ensure that the inherent advantage of any hair is not lost.

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Indeutsch Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer and exporter/importer of high quality Artist Brushes, School Brushes, Cosmetic Brushes, Hobby/Craft brushes and brush components. Our product of Brushes: Artist Brushes: Round Toray Brush Round Teijin Brush Round Interlocked Bristle Brush Round Sable Brush Round Chinese Sable Brush Flat Toray Brush Flat Interlocked Bristle Brush Filbert Teijin Brush Filbert Interlocked Bristle Brush. School Brushes: Round Pony Brush Round Taklon Brush Round Bristle Brush Round Ox Brush Flat Bristle Brush Flat Taklon Brush Flat White Taklon Brush. Cosmetic Brushes: Powder Large Brushes Reversible Lip Filler Brushes Applicator Brushes Large Applicator Brushes Fan Brush Lip Liner Brushes Lip Filler Brushes Shader Brushes Eye Brow Brushes Counter Brushes Eye Groomer Brushes Mascara Brushes Eye Liner Brushes Eye Shadow Brushes Blusher Brush. Hobby & Craft: Round Teijin Brush Long Liner Teijin Brush Flat Teijin Flat Teijin Brush Filbert Teijin Brush Fan Toray Brush Flat Interlocked Bristle Brush. Brush Components: Ferrules: Nickel Plated Gold Plated Black Chrome Copper Lacquered Satin Nickel Chrome Plated Single Ring Ni Plated Double Ring Ni Plated Brass Cylindrical curved Brass Conical curved. Handles. Brush Heads: Round Pointed Round Dome Scrubber Liner Details Spotter Normal Flat Bright Flat Interlocked Flat Cats's Tongue Dagger Rake Stroke Shader Wash Filbert Filbert Interlocked Angular Deer Foot Fan Stencil Mop. General Info on Brushes: Oil Watercolor Acrylic.

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