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Description :
Flavored Bidis are handrolled with skilled people and they do not allow too much of obacco or the flavor nor the wetness of the leaf, to give the end product the fine aroma and rich smoke.These products are manufactured as per the Indian standards specifications (IS 1925 : 1992) was adopted by the Burreau of Indian Standards and approved by Tobacco & Tobacco product sectional committee & Food and Agriculture Division Council of Government of India. These bidis are 100% percent cottage Industry product.

features :
The health warning are printed as per the USA and Europe health standards and printed in English. STANDARD PACKING FOR EXPORTS: Flavored Bidis & Regular Bidis 20 Bidis in a pack 10 pack in one baby carton 50 baby cartons in a Master carton = 10,000 nos

Product Applications :
a] Minimum Order must be 1 x 40’HC FCL. (1020 Master Cases of Buyer's Choice of Flavours) b] Shipment within 45-60 days from the date of receipt of funds by seller for the First 40’HC Container and later cargoes within 30-35 days regularly.

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Manufacturers, traders and exporters of 240220 Flavoured / Regular Bidis, Filtered Color & Fully Flavored 83mm/100mm Cigarettes, Unmanufactured Tobaccos & CUT-RAG Tobaccos. 090910 100% Pure Spray-Dried Instant Soluable Coffee, Green Coffee Beans. 210420 Canned Food Items, Canned Food, 202009 Cool Drinks Concentrates, Instant Cool Drinks. 202009 Pickels, Fruits, Mango Pulps, Pineapple Slices/ Titbits, 252530 Gypsum Chalks-White & colours, 100630 Milled/Polished RICE (Basmati & Non-Basmati Long Grain -Fine & Super fine Varieties) WHITE & PAR-BOILED, 100640 BROKEN RICE (100%) WHITE & PAR-BOILED RICE FROM ASIAN COUNTRIES, 090200 TEA ( CTC & ORTHODOX ) in Bulk, 100gms, 250gms, 500gms & 1kg packs, TEA bags - 25 bags/ 100 bags pkts. 090900 Gypsum White & Colour Chalks for Educational Institutions & others. 090400 WHOLE BLACK PEPPER - MG1, (or grounded), 844400 100% COTTON FABRICKS (stripes & Checks), 080130 Cashew Kernels (Plain & Salted) in consumer packs with Nitrogen Flusshing, 091000 Turmeric, Red Dry Chillies, Ginger, Fennel, Corriender, Masalas in Consumer Packs (WHOLE or POWDERED) 240220 "CALIFORNIA DREAMS" & "DARLSONG" COLOURED/ PLAIN fully flavored CIG's IN 83/ 100 MM LENGTH. EXCELLENT TOBACCO BLEND & PACKING. 190300 Topioca Whole & Starch Powder, Chips & SAGO. 002001 INSTANT TAMARIND FRUIT CONCENTRATE & TAMARIND SEEDS : Pkd in 250 gms / 500 gms / 1kg pet Jars & in 100 kgs Bulk, 007318 HEXAGON HEAD BOLTS, SCREWS & NUTS All types of Precision Fasteners of HIGH TENSILE, 310210 UREA 46% N, DAP, MOP and other Chemicals & Fertilizers, 000702 TOMATO PASTE or PUREE of 28/30/32 Brix. 000408 PASTEURISED SPRAY-DRIED HEN EGG POWDER (WHOLE/WHITE/YOLK) IN 25 kg BULK & 100 GMS POUCHES. 401410 INVIGRA Male Latex Condoms [ Enjoys quality approval from FDA]. 0848299 BALL & SPERICAL ROLLER BEARINGS (No.24132 etc..) AND OTHER TYPES / PARTS. 242403 ACETATE TOW FILTER (3.0Y.3500) FOR MANUFACTURING CIGARETTE FILTER RODS AND OTHERS. 310210 BITUMIN (60/70) OR ANY OTHER TYPE IN 162 KGS NEW STEEL DRUMS. 090910 BLACK MAPTE OF SQ/FQ VARIETIES SUPPLY 090910 ALL PULSES ~ MASSSOR DAL, CHICK PEAS, MOUNG DAL, URD DAL, CHANNA DAL(WHOLE/SPLIT) 090910 PAPER ~ A4, PACKAGING PAPER / BOARD, KRAFT PAPER, IMPORTS WASTE PAPER FROM USA / EUROPE 252300 PORTLAND SLAG CEMENT(IS455 OR BS 146), GROUND GRANULATED BLAST FURNACE SLAG CEMENT(BS6699), ORDINARY PORTLAND CEMENT & CEMENT CLINKER 310210 AQUA FIT (Calcium Hypochlorite-65%) available in Granuels & Tablets. BEST FOR WATER TREATMENT(DRINKING WATER, SEWAGE WATER AND MANY MORE USAGES). 310210 AQUA FIT (Calcium Hypochlorite-65%)available in Granuels & Tablets. BEST FOR WATER TREATMENT(DRINKING WATER, SEWAGE WATER AND MANY MORE USAGES). 987499 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, SERVICES THRO OUR CHANNEL LIKE SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING, RESOURSES FINDING, PERSONALIZED SERVICES, TOURIST INFORMATION, PUBLIC RELATIONS, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONSULTATIONS ETC.. 200120 Dehydrated Onion Flakes & Garlic Flakes. Ready-To-Use. Available in Flakes / Powdered. 300600 HEALTH CARE - FAT REDUCER - MOST EFFECTIVE NATURAL HERBAL PRODUCT absolutely with NO SIDE EFFECTS, 071320 CHICK PEAS (Kabuli, deshi, white & yellow peas, Green Peas etc..)and Various PULSES. 670300 HUMAN HAIR, 240200 ACETATE TOW 3Y35000 & 4Y35000, 391290 PURE ALPHA CELLULOSE - Food Grade Quality, 993399 HOME HEALTH CARE - AN INSTANT E-HEALTH SCAN AT HOME/OFFICE, 900100 OPTICAL LENCES - BEST QUALITY, 996799 MILATARY UNIFORMS [all] & TENTS, 294200 FOOD GRADE -DIETARY SUPPLIMENT RAW MAT`ERIALS, 120800 CORN POWDER, CORN STARCH ANS CORN/ MAIZE, 151930 EnRICH-D FUEL SAVING ADDITIVE 20% to 25% Savings in Fuel Save Fuel Smoth functioning of IC Engines Pollution Conrol Enhanced life of engines & Fantastic Fuel Savings. 410390 WATTLE EXTRACT - PERFECT NATURAL EXTRACTION FOR LEATHER TANNING - AN EXCELLENT LEATHER TANNING AGENT. 590100 TABLE MATS - COTTON & OTHERS. AN EXCELLENT FABRIC WITH VARIOUS COLORS/ DESIGNS OF EXPORT QUALITY. 993399 QZONE WATER PURIFIER - AN EXCELLENT & SIMPLE WATER PURIFIER ENABLE TO PRODUCE NATURAL PURE DRINKING WATER WHICH IS FREE FROM INVIISBLE BACTERIA, TURBLENCE & SEDIMENTS, ODOUR FREE AND HEALTHY WATER. 381100 MATCH BOXES - AVAILABLE WITH VARIOUS TYPES - FOR POSH HOTELS, DOMESTIC PURPOSES AND ESTABLISHMENTS. 010600 Cow Medicine known as ANIT MG4 FORMULATED COW DROP SOLUTION. 990199 Student Exercise Books & Staionary Items. 993399 STD (Sexual Transmission Disease ) Prevention Kits - HEALTH CARE. 999602 Natural Mango Pulp Concentrates - AMP & TMP, 992303 Coconut Powder & Coconut Shell Powder and Wood Powder / Flo ur, 991599 Performs Data Enntry, Porting and Format Interchange, Software Programming - I.T {Information Technology], 991999 LAUNDRY DETERGENT POWDER in Bulk , 100/250/500 gms packs. 985699 CIELING FANS of all sizes for Export, 981902 ALL VARIETIES IF BISCUITS FOR EXPORT-DELICIOUS BISCUITS/ WAPPERS/ CREAM BISCUITS ETC.. 260111 IRON ORE WITH 62.5%-63.0% FE, 310290 UREA, DAP, AMMONIUM NITRATE & NPK FERTILIZERS, 310210 UREA 46%N, 170310 SUGAR CANE MOLASSES & BEET MOLASSES.

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