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Brush Solution


Brush Solution

Bright Brushes


A Quality Product from
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Moradabad - India

Description :
Bright brushes possess the unique intangible features and performance aspects which fine artists demand and expect. These brushes have flat ferrule, short-length hairs and are usually set in a long handle. The width and length of brush head is about equal, which makes it useful for short, controlled strokes, with thick or heavy color. A bright can also be a type of brush that is short and flat with a long handle. It is typically used with oil, acrylic and alkyd paints and the fiber frequently used to manufacture bright brushes are sable, mongoose, bristle, badger and synthetic.

Brushes called brights may have a square-cut tip, but a shorter bristle length than a flat. Bright brush work well with any pigment and the relatively short bristle of brights allows the painter to readily apply and maneuver pigment over a surface. The unique wave tip of these brushes makes painting the irregular details and shading easy to create a realistic look. The bristle capacity of the ferrule determines its brush size. The ferrule is the most vulnerable point of the brush as residual pigments and solvents tend to collect at the ferrule and accelerate deterioration. Thus they are made from metal, plastics, natural quill or copper wire, to provide safe, long lasting beauty.

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Brush Solution

Manufacturer & Exporter of :- Art Brush - Ox ear Hair (Brown, White), Pony Hair ( Brown, White), Synthetic Hair - Taklon (Brown, White, Golden), Goat Hair, Bleached Bristle Flats for oil paintings Paint Brush - Pure Indian Bristle, Pure Chinese Bristle, Pure Synthetic Bristle, Indian, Chinese Mixture, Chinese , Synthetic Mixture Make up Brush / Cosmetic Brush - Different brushes for different applications, In Pony, Synthetic, Goat, Badger Hair Paint Rollers - Polyester Foam Rollers, Polyester Fur Rollers, Polyester Textured Rollers, Natural Fur Rollers Shaving Brush - Badger hair, Fine Synthetic Hair, Selected Bleached Bristle Indian Handicrafts and Gifts - Marble with Inlay semi - precious stones, Terracotta items (Special Mud Heated after Giving Design by hands)

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