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Beauty Naturals Ltd.


Beauty Naturals Ltd.

Compact Brush Sets


A Quality Product from
Beauty Naturals Ltd. [View Profile]
Peterborough - United Kingdom

Description :
Two smart brush sets comprising small powder brush, eyebrow / eyelash brush and comb, sponge applicator, lip brush and shadow brush.

Choose either a smart compact purse with a mirror or the upright cylinder.

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Beauty Naturals Ltd.

We Provide of high quality, natural health and beauty products. - Evening Primrose Range :- - E/Primrose Cleansing Lotion - E/Primrose Toning Gel - E/Primrose Moisturiser - E/Primrose Nourishing Cream - for dry or maturing skin - Honey Range :- - Honey Cleansing Lotion - Honey Hydro Moisturiser - Honey Treatment Cream - for dry or problem skin - Herbal Range :- - No.1 Cleansing Milk - No.2 Toning Gel - No.3 Day Cream - No.4 Night Cream - for normal to dry skin - Camomile Range :- - Camomile Cleansing Gel - Camomile Moisture Milk - Skin Tonics :- - Rosewater Skin Tonic - Cucumber Skin Tonic - Special Moisturisers :- - Intensive 24 Hour Moisturiser - Hydro Cream for throat and neck - Eye Care :- - Elderflower Eye Contour Gel - Eye Contour Balm - Eye Contour Mask - Gentle Cleansing Gel For Eyes - Skin Treatments :- - Seaweed Peeling Mask - Blackcurrant Five Minute Mask - Lip Care :- - Protective Lip Balm - Aloe Vera Lip Balm - Sun Care :- - Sun Protection Lotion SPF15 - Sun Protection Lotion SPF25 - After-Sun Skin Repair Lotion - After-Sun Skin Calming Gel - Hand Care :- - Gardener's Cream - Conditioning Hand Cream - Moisturising Hand Cream - Skin Smoothing Hand Scrub - Nail Care :- - Gentle Cuticle Cream - Nourishing Nail Oil - Nourishing Cuticle Cream - Foot Care :- - Foot Treatment Cream - Moisturising Foot Balm - Refreshing Foot Gel - Body Treatments :- - Exfoliating Seaweed Body Scrub - Seaweed Body Treatment Cream - Seaweed Body Toning Gel - Leg Care :- - Energising Leg Gel - Body Lotions :- - Enriched Body Moisturiser - Evening Primrose Body Lotion - Body Oils :- - EP & Lavender Body Oil - Orange Body Oil - Hair Care :- - Protein Enriched Shampoo - Gentle Balancing Shampoo - Deep Moisturising Shampoo - Deep Moisturising Conditioner - Hair Styling :- - Hair Protection Mist - Natural Style Conditioning Hair Gel - Deodorants :- - Pure Deodorant - Herbal Deodorant - Talcum Powders :- - Lavender Talcum Powder - Original Body Talc - Body Wash & Bath Oils :- - Rose Geranium Harmonising - Lavender Relaxing - Citrus Refreshing - Seaweed Therapeutic - Bath Grains :- - Lavender Bath Grains - Rose Geranium Bath Grains - Citrus Bath Grains - Foundations :- - Perfect Finish Sun Barrier Foundation - Face Powders :- - Loose Powder - Cream Blushers :- - Cream Rouge - Eye Shadow :- - Cream Eye Shadow

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