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guangzhou huimiao trading co.,ltd


guangzhou huimiao trading co.,ltd

YUKIMADE wide angle lens


A Quality Product from
guangzhou huimiao trading co.,ltd [View Profile]
Guangzhou - China

Description :
YUKIMADE PGA-6572HD professional separable and dual-purpose wide-angle lens are elaborately developed and produced by Japan Jingguang Optical Company Due to its separable and dual-purpose technology (W/MACRO) and the newest patented technology *VIS* (Vacuum verge infiltrate saturate), the products are considered as the milestone products in the optical circle. These separable and dual-purpose wide-angle lens, with 0.65 times wide-angle and 72 mm caliber, maintain the leadership in the industry in terms of the contrast and resolution, as well as its elimination of dispersion, color difference, astigmia and refraction. For its excellent effects performed through the VIS optical lens treatment technology, the product has been used for photographing during the golf competition organized by US PGA.As a super wide-angle lens, PGA-6572HD is also aiming at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Technical features
W/MACRO separable & dual-purpose technology
1.When the lens is integrated, it is a super wide-angle lens with 0.65 times wide-angle and 72 mm caliber.
2. When the MACRO part is separated from the lens, it can be used as a super 72 mm caliber close-up lens
Thus, the lens can be used for two purposes and have high function-price ratio, which means you can have two kinds of lens when you just buy one. The value is beyond the price.

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guangzhou huimiao trading co.,ltd

Now the Company has developed the following high quality products: KH-25 fluid head tripod(Now the KH-25 has been update to KH-25II fluid head tripod which is much steady), KH-1000 tripod with max. Load on 3KG, KH-1000RM (KH-1000 tripod with DRM-X3 zoom control handle, which can fits to Sony , Panasonic and Canon video camera) , DRM-18P Zoom control handle for Panasonic video camera, DRM-X5 Zoom control handle for Sony and Canon video camera , DRM-3P Multi Controller for Panasonic DV , DRM-1 Multi Controller for Sony DV, DL-06 dolly which can make the moving shooting easily , Yukimade PGA-6572HD wide-angle lens (These separable and dual-purpose wide-angle lens, with 0.65 times wide-angle and 72 mm caliber)

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