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A Quality Product from
Pune - India

Description :
1)Bocal Goggles: With two eye cups and elastic head band. Arrangement to changes the 50 round lenses. Can be offered with clear / coloured glasses. Useful for grindling, gas welding etc.
2)Leather Cup Goggles:Anti - dust goggles with aluminium ring in one - piece leather with ventilation 50 clear / coloured lenses can be replaced easily. Useful for grinding, gas welding furnace observation etc.
3)Rubber Goggles: Gas tight rubber goggles fitted with glass / plastic lenses. Have adjustable elastic head band. Useful against Gas, Chemical splash.
4. Panoramic Mark - I: Flexi - fit panoramic goggles are light in weight. Eye pieces are of PVC body, well ventilated and have adjustable elastic head band. Available with acrylic / polycarbonate visors. Useful against Chemical splash>
5)Panoramic Mark - II: PVC ventilated four knob body with one piece acrylic / polycarbonate visor; adjustable elastic head vand.
6)Punk Goggles: Full view, light weight one piece moulded visor with adjustable arms. Ideal for general purpose, riding, engineering work. Visor available in different colours as per application.
7)Coverall vip: Can be worm over regular spectacles. Ideal for Plant Visitors / Executives.
8)Aluminised Heat Resistant Goggles.

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Dealers of Box Strapping Machines, Adhesive Tapes, Masking Tapes, Wonder BOPP Tapes, 3M Tapes, Aluminium Foil Tapes, Four Pillar double sided Tapes, Tape Dispensers, Heat sealing Sleeve, Shrink Films, Stretch Films, Road Barrier Film, Paper Corrugated Roll, Bubble, Jute Cloth, Bitumen Sheet & Damber Liquid, Lead Seal, Drum Seals & Machines, Barryl Pumps, Plastic Sealing Machines, Bag stitching Machines & Threads, Rubber Sheets, Teflon Sheets, Nylon Sheets, PVC Sheets, Acrylic Sheets, Backellite Sheets, Insulation Materials - Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Hilton, Safety Materials - Helmet, Mask, Hand Gloves, Goggles, Cotton & PVC Apron, Asbestos Handgloves, Gum Boot, Asbestos Sheets, Cloth, Yarn, Gland Packing.

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