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A Quality Product from
TAVOLA, SpA [View Profile]
MILANO - Italy

Description :

  • Functions: Deo clic is an innovative air-freshener with adjustable intensity, for use in cars and small interiors. The exclusive Open/Close system, with finger-touch operation, permits total control of the diffusion of its quality fragrances for a period exceeding three months.
  • Characteristics: The product can be positioned anywhere ? even directly on the fabric upholstery of the car ? by means of the Velcro system, with a removable base in black fabric and a support in black plastic that is fixed to Deo Clic.
  • Range: Deo Clic Elegant: its shape and its metallised colours were specially designed to blend discreetly with the decor of the car interior. Its classic fragrances satisfy even the most demanding tastes in perfumery. It is available in five versions:
  • Pine: fresh pine-forest.
  • Citrus: fresh citrus grove.
  • Cologne: eau de parfume.
  • Pot Pourri: vanilla cinnamon.
  • Bouquet: wild rose.
    Deo Clic Hi-tech: its bright, transparent colours and modern design reinforce its technological characteristics, based on the special Neutrodor formulation which is capable of neutralising unpleasant odours and purifying the air.
    It is available in three versions:
  • Marine: sea breeze.
  • Mint: mountain breeze.
  • Tropical: exotic fruit varieties.

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    We are Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters of Cars:- Arbre Magique: The colourful air-freshener. Deo Clic: Adjustable-intensity air-freshener. Jet Fresh: The new adjustable-intensity car Air- freshener. JET FRESH SILVER? ?for an enticing fragrance that truly personalises the car. Aero Fresh: The revolutionary car air-freshener. Magic Crystals: Micro-encapsulated granular Air-freshener. Magic Breeze: Sanitising air-freshener with anti-bacterial ingredient. Neutrodor Tessuti (Neutrodor Textiles) and Neutrodor Bocchette di Aerazione (Neutrodor air vents): a wave of freshness for greater comfort in the car and elsewhere. My Car: The range of car-care products at the driver?s service. Armor All: Pre-moistened wipes. STP: A complete range of products adding value to your engine. NEXTECH - PERMATEX: ?Meeting Today?s Challenges with Tomorrow?s Technology?. SBLOCK: The new range of professional unblocking products BULLOCK: The ?Zero Tolerance? anti-theft device Orphea Salvalana (Fabric Protector): natural protection for wool and delicate garments stored in drawers and wardrobes. Home Range:- Mister Magic: a complete range of products for freshening and sanitising specific parts of your home. Lansetina a complete range of detergents specifically made for delicate items of clothing, with 2 in 1 formulation. Bodycare Range:- Coppertone: the range of tanning products guaranteed by forty years of scientific experience. Specifically-formulated products for all types of skin and lifestyles under the sun, for safe and deep tanning. Orphea Protezione Naturale (Natural Protection): a complete range, with natural geranium and citronella extracts. Specific skin care products to use indoors and outdoors. Podovis: a new range for the wellness and natural health of feet, based on seaweed extracts.

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