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A Quality Product from
TAVOLA, SpA [View Profile]
MILANO - Italy

Description :
Functions: By means of its special formulation, containing an antibacterial ingredient, Nuvola Magica (Magic Breeze) is a product that freshens and purifies the air, because it effectively combats the unpleasant odours caused by bacterial action. Nuvola Magica (Magic Breeze) is an air-freshener guaranteed by Arbre Magique, which has been selecting the finest natural essences extracted from flowers and fruits for fifty years.
Characteristics: Nuvola Magica (Magic Breeze) is an air-freshener with an anti-bacterial ingredient. It is immediately effective in providing a pleasant fragrance and eliminating unpleasant odours. Just vaporise, and mats, carpeting and seats immediately become attractively perfumed.
Method of use:
Nuvola Magica (Magic Breeze) is an easy to use air-freshener: just spray two or three times from a distance of about 20-25 cm in all parts of the car interior, including the boot, and it takes effect immediately. It is simple and practical to store, because its carefully-dimensioned size makes it easy to keep in the glove compartment or in the door pockets. It does not stain, and it does not contain propellant gases.
Range: Nuvola Magica (Magic Breeze) has an extensive range with four new highest-quality fragrances: Pine, Lemon, Vanilla and Strawberry.
Format: Blister with a 100 ml bottle

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We are Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters of Cars:- Arbre Magique: The colourful air-freshener. Deo Clic: Adjustable-intensity air-freshener. Jet Fresh: The new adjustable-intensity car Air- freshener. JET FRESH SILVER? ?for an enticing fragrance that truly personalises the car. Aero Fresh: The revolutionary car air-freshener. Magic Crystals: Micro-encapsulated granular Air-freshener. Magic Breeze: Sanitising air-freshener with anti-bacterial ingredient. Neutrodor Tessuti (Neutrodor Textiles) and Neutrodor Bocchette di Aerazione (Neutrodor air vents): a wave of freshness for greater comfort in the car and elsewhere. My Car: The range of car-care products at the driver?s service. Armor All: Pre-moistened wipes. STP: A complete range of products adding value to your engine. NEXTECH - PERMATEX: ?Meeting Today?s Challenges with Tomorrow?s Technology?. SBLOCK: The new range of professional unblocking products BULLOCK: The ?Zero Tolerance? anti-theft device Orphea Salvalana (Fabric Protector): natural protection for wool and delicate garments stored in drawers and wardrobes. Home Range:- Mister Magic: a complete range of products for freshening and sanitising specific parts of your home. Lansetina a complete range of detergents specifically made for delicate items of clothing, with 2 in 1 formulation. Bodycare Range:- Coppertone: the range of tanning products guaranteed by forty years of scientific experience. Specifically-formulated products for all types of skin and lifestyles under the sun, for safe and deep tanning. Orphea Protezione Naturale (Natural Protection): a complete range, with natural geranium and citronella extracts. Specific skin care products to use indoors and outdoors. Podovis: a new range for the wellness and natural health of feet, based on seaweed extracts.

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