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Tobacco Leaf


Tobacco Leaf

Tobacco Leaf


A Quality Product from
Tobacco Leaf [View Profile]
Lincolnshire - United Kingdom

Description :
We choose only the finest Grade 1 leaves throughout our ranges . The colour, texture, strength and smell become a matter of individual choice. Of course the more you buy the better value it is.

Our Sample pack :

We will make a Pre-Pack for you consisting of :

1 x 50 gram pack of each of the 10 Individual Tobacco Leaves

1 x 50 gram pack of our Pre-Blend (Virginia Blend)

The price for this is £30 + delivery charge £5.95 for recorded mail £9.95 for special delivery

Pre-blend :

Virginia blend

Our other Leaf Products :

Butted Straight laid Brazil Virginia CO1SB

Butted Straight laid Brazil Virginia MO1SB

Butted Straight laid Zambia Virginia C1L

Butted Straight laid India Mysore IML1/BTSL

Butted straight laid India NLS INC1/BTSL

Butted Straight Laid India NLS INC10/BTSL

Hand Strips Bangladesh CBXA

Hand Strips Pakistan PK-ML30

Threshed Cuba OX2

Butted straight laid Bangladesh Burley BLY23/BTSL

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Tobacco Leaf

We can Supply Worldwide any type of tobacco Leaf and any quantity starting from 1 kg to unlimited. Also our Virginia blend : Tobacco Leaf UK provides the finest of the original Virginia Blend which has become renowned as one of the most flavoursome and popular tobacco products worldwide. Time is the key factor used to produce the Virginia Blend, with a medley of leaves collected from across the globe, from such countries as Brazil, Zimbabwe and Thailand to name only a few. The blend consists of 17 unique air and sun cured tobacco leaves which are cased and flavoured. Our raw tobacco leaves are treated with anti-mould formulas as standard and sealed to maintain their 18% moisture content, keeping them rich in flavour and protected for up to 2 years. And our Deep Medley blend : This blend is a medium to strong shag tobacco combination consisting of 14 prize bright Virginia and dark Kentucky tobacco leaves. The unique smooth taste of the Virginia blend mixed with the deep lusty flavours and aroma of the dark Kentucky leaves gives this tobacco medley a deep and rich sensation. Our Deep medley blend is cased and flavoured, consistent with our standard 18% moisture content and anti-mould formula. Deep medley is packed and sealed to preserve everything that the blend has to offer.

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Tobacco Leaf

We choose only the finest Grade 1 leaves throughout our ranges . The colour, texture, strength and smell become a matter of individual choice. Of course the more you buy the better ....


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