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A Quality Product from
SARAF IMPEX PVT. LTD. [View Profile]
Calcutta - India

Description :

- Shaving Blades
- Body Sprays
- Hand & Body Lotions
- Hair Shampoo
- Deodrants
- Nail Polish
- Detergent Powder
- Lip Sticks
- Cleansers
- Skin Toners
- Eye Liner
- Eye Shadow
- Lip Liner
- Nail Cleaners etc.

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Exporters of, Items ranges from jute products, poultry feeds, textiles & garments, chemicals, surgical items, engineering goods, agro products, e.G. Rice and wheat, minerals and metals. PRODUCT RANGE : I.Textile Natural & Artificial : -NATURAL : A. Jute Products :- Hessian Bags Jute Cloth B.Twill Bags Jute Yarn Shopping Bags Gift Items Blended Yarns Furnishing & Upholstery Fabrics. B. Textiles :- Cotton Yarn Cotton Canvas Scarves and Mufflers Vests and Briefs Cotton Fabrics & Blended Fabrics Denim-Shirts & Jackets, Fabrics Sewing Threads Knitted Fabrics Uniform & Boiler Suits Garment Accessories-Bags & Enblems Handkerchiefs Knitwear Lace Leather Cloth Quilts Readymade Garments- Shirts, Skirts, etc. Labels, Laces, Embroidery Cotton Terry Towels Bed Sheets, covers, Pillow covers Dress Materials Furnishing Material Cotton Flannel Raw Cotton Velvet Fabric etc. C.MAN MADE :- PP/HDPE Bags, Jumboo Bags Acrylic yarn & Fabrics, Made-ups Georgette Fabric Polyester, Yarn Fabric, Made-ups Vicose Yarn Fabric Made-ups Tarpulin II.Chemical & Allied Products : Product Range 1. Acid/Solvents : Acetone HOCL Aniline Oil Benzene Butanol Butyl Acetate Carbon Tetra Chloride Chloroform Diacetone Alcohol Diethylene Glycol Ethyl Acetate Ethylene Dichloride Isopropyl Alcohol Methanol Methylene Chloride Methy Thy Ketone Monoethylene Glycol Propylene Glycol Trichloroethylene Toluene Turpentine Oil Xylene 2. Organic/Inorganic : Acetic Anhydride Acetic Acid Acid Slurry Benzoic Acid Citric Acid Formaldehyde Glycerine Glue Flakes Oleoresins, Flavours Maleic Anhydride Oxalic Acid Paraffin Wax Phenol Phthalic Anhydride Sodium Acetate Sodium Alginate Stearic Acid Tartaric Acid Fumeric Acid Formic Acid Nitric Acid Sulfuric Acid Essential Oils 3. Textile Chemicals :- Softeners Designing Agents Fixing Agents Optical Whitener All other Auxilliary Chemicals Dye & Dyestuff 4. Leather Chemicals : Sodium Sulphate Vats - Acidic Vat/Anionic Chrome Tanning Basic Chrome Sulphate Wattle Extract Special Softener - Solvent Base/Fully Synthetic Base Auxilliary: Soda Ash Sodium Formate Sodum Bisulphate Dyes: Acid Dyes Basic Dyes 1:1 Metal Complex Dyes 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes Solvent Soluble Dyes Finishing Auxilliary: Fillers Silicone Base Emulsion Binders - Resin Binders Pigment: Casein Free Casein Base Corrected Grains Chemicals. 5. Dyes & Dyestuff 6. Lubricants 7. Transformers Oils 8. Chemicals for Pharmaceuticals Industries 9. Chemicals for Paint Industry, Ceramic Industry 10. Const. Chemicals 11. Chemicals for Maintainence 12. Rubber Chemicals III.Medical : Product Range 1. Surgical Disposables 2. Surgical Dressings 3. Hospital Furniture IV.Agro : Product Range - Cereals, Grains Seeds - Spices - Plantation Products - Edible Oils - Feed & Fodder - Ready to eat Products - Others. V.Minerals, Metals & Engineering Goods : - Mineral - Metals & Engineering Goods - Machinery - Cast Iron Products & Ductile - Rubber Products. VI.Consumer & miscellaneous. Product Range : - Cosmetics & Toiletries - Thermowares & Plastic Goods - Household Appliances - Ayurvedic & Herbal Products - Kitchenware & Utensils - Leisure Goods - Paper Products - Interoir Decoration Items.

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