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Consumer Protection and Consumer Awareness

  • To sponsor research and evaluation studies in the field of consumer welfare 
  • To identify the practical problems faced by consumers
  • To provide solution to the practical problems being faced by the consumers
  • To have necessary inputs for formulation of policy/program/ scheme for the protection and welfare of consumers
  • To provide grants for publication of the results of research and evaluation studies and other related literature
  • To sponsor Seminars/Workshops/Conferences, etc., on consumer related issues and to sanction grants for organizing such programs


  • Impact Assessment  Studies relating to the consumer awareness programs already funded by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Evaluation of the functioning of District Forms/State Commissions.
  • Evaluation of activities of the NG0s/VC0s in a particular area with special reference to the projects sanctioned from CWF.
  • Organization of Seminars / Workshops / Conferences on important issues related to consumers.
  • Organization of Consumer Rights Festivals which would include exhibition, festivals, debates, quizzes, essay writing, painting competitions, etc., in the colleges with a view to involve students in consumer awareness.
  • Research projects which are in the interest of consumers.

Implementing Agencies
The Scheme will be implemented through the' Indian Universities, reputed Research Institutions and Educational Institutions. Reputed NG0s working in the field of consumer awareness and protection will also be eligible for grant under the Scheme.

Amount of Grant
Under the Scheme, the grant will be sanctioned from the Consumer Welfare Fund to the Implementing Agencies for undertaking the research project or for organizing Seminar/ Workshop/conference/organizing festivals, debates, etc., in colleges and the amount of grant will be admissible as under:

Impact Assessment                    
Studies/Evaluation of District Forum
  Rs. 50,000 per District
Evaluation Studies of NG0s (Up to25 NG0s in one proposal) Rs. 20,000 per NGO
Organising Consumer Rights festivals in colleges Rs. 1.00 lakh per college
Research Projects As  per requirements of the Project within the Ceiling of Rs.5.00 lakh

Consultancy Project on “ Promoting Involvement of Research Institutions/ Universities/ Colleges etc. in Consumer Protection and Consumer Welfare”(April 2005 – March 2006)
The project was assigned to IIPA by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India on Sept. 28, 2004. In the first year of the project six meetings of the Evaluation Committee were organized, of which in the year under review two meetings were held in the months of July and August, 2005. The Committee approved 63 proposals for research studies, seminars, conferences etc. amounting to Rs.86,61,110/- which were cleared with the approval of Monitoring Committee. These approved proposals were received from the Institutions of 17 states.

Two principals Conference – one of the colleges affiliated to Delhi University and other of colleges affiliated to I.P.University were organized. World Consumer Rights Day was celebrated by the Department of Consumer Affairs at IIPA Auditorium in association with IIPA, University of Delhi and Consumer Coordination Council on March 15th 2005. In addition 14 regional and 15 local branches of IIPA were provided financial grant to celebrate World Consumer Rights Day from the Consultancy Project.

 Institute also sponsored two-day regional seminars on Consumer Protection and Welfare organized by nine departments of various Universities viz. Assam, Madras, Punjab, Osmania, Rohtak, Kurukshetra, Dr.H.S.Gaur Vishwa Vidalaya, H.N.B.Garhwal and NYSS Institute of Management-Nagpur.

 Research Staff of the project undertook a research study on “The Impact of Third Amendment to Consumer Protection Act on the working of State Commissions & District Forums”. The study was conducted in five states i.e. UT- Delhi, M.P., Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The study completed in March 2006.

A number of publications were brought out under the consultancy project on various aspects of Consumer Protection and Welfare, having relevance to the general consumer. A number of monographs were published on different topics like :- Misleading Advertisements and Consumers, Insurance and Consumer, Sustainable Consumption and  Consumer, Defective Goods and  Consumer, Housing and Consumer, Third Amendment to CPA – Scope for future Amendment, Cosmetics and Consumer, Consumer Protection Act & Medical Profession. In addition a Case Law compilation in the area of medical negligence has been published.

A National Conference on “Protection of Consumer Rights and Interest – Need for a Convergent Approach” was organized on September 23, 2005 for the heads/ representatives of IITs, IIMs and other Research Institutions and leading NGOs. “National Consumer Day”, 2005 was celebrated by Department of Consumer Affairs, in association with IIPA, Bureau of Indian Standards and Consumer Coordination Council in IIPA Auditorium on December 23, 2005. Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission was the chief guest at the celebration.A separate website of the project was launched in August, 2005 to provide all information regarding the Project.

From October 2005 till March 2006 three meetings of the Evaluation Committee were held to clear the proposals for sanction of the grant to several institutions. Sixty four proposals worth Rs.58,15,600/- have been cleared and the money disbursed to grantee Institutions.

With a view to create resource persons in the area of Consumer Awareness in Research Institutions, Universities, Colleges a training programme for University/ College Lecturers/ Assistant Professors on Consumer Protection & Welfare was initiated. Till March 2006 three such training Programmes have been successfully organized by the Institute.The Monitoring Committee of the project has met thrice till now. Its meeting were held on January 14, 2005, July 14, 2005 and January 30, 2006.As desired by DCA a draft Consumer Protection Authority India Bill 2006 and plan document on training strategy and action have been prepared and submitted to the Department.

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