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Indian Plastics Industry
The Plastics Industry in India has made significant achievements ever since it made a modest but promising beginning by commencing production of Polystyrene in 1957. The chronology of manufacture of polymers in India is summarised as under:

  • 1957-Polystyrene
  • 1959-LDPE
  • 1961-PVC
  • 1968- HDPE
  • 1978-Polypropylene

The potential Indian market has motivated Indian entrepreneurs to acquire technical expertise, achieve high quality standards and build capacities in various facets of the booming plastic industry. Phenomenal developments in the plastic machinery sector coupled with matching developments in the petrochemical sector, both of which support the plastic processing sector, have facilitated the plastic processors to build capacities to service both the domestic market and the markets in the overseas.

The plastic processing sector comprises of over 30,000 units involved in producing a variety of items through injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and calendaring. The capacities built in most segments of this industry coupled with inherent capabilities has made us capable of servicing the overseas markets.

The economic reforms launched in India since 1991, have added further fillip to the Indian plastic industry. Joint ventures, foreign investments, easier access to technology from developed countries etc have opened up new vistas to further facilitate the growth of this industry.

All India Plastics Manufacturers' Association
The All India Plastics Manufacturers' Association was founded in 1945 and has completed 55 golden years of service to the Indian plastics industry.The membership of association is voluntary and comprises of nearly 2,600 members plus 12,000 affiliated members. The association has members from all over the country. The membership of the association is open to anyone connected with the plastics industry. Our members include raw material manufacturers, plastic processors, plastic machinery manufacturers, dies / mould makers, traders in plastic raw materials and finished goods, consultants, engineers, state institutions etc. Reputed national and regional associations are affiliated to AIPMA as associate members, giving the association a truly representative status all over India.AIPMA has representatives on a number of government bodies, state corporations, and advisory committees. AIPMA's activities are conducted by managing committee which is elected by members from different segment of the plastic industry from all over the country. A number of panels & subcommittees have been set up to deal with specific problems & related matters.

Our activities include publication of Plastics News, conducting seminars and organising exhibitions. AIPMA has its own premises in Mumbai which comprises of a well furnished auditorium, a board room and business center.

The Plastics Export Promotion Council
The Plastics Export Promotion Council (popularly known as PLEXCONCIL) sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce, Government of India represents the exporting community of the Indian Plastics industry. The export promotion strategies evolved since 1955, the year when PLEXCONCIL was born, have fetched rich dividends, which is exhibited in the form of high export growth rates. From a meagre export turnover of 16.5 million US Dollars worth of exports in 1955-56 the exports from the Indian plastic industry has reached about 620 million US Dollars in 1997-98 and is poised to well exceed the one-billion US Dollar mark in the new millennium.

These achievements represent the dedicated efforts of the 2000-strong PLEXCONCIL members who are always in the process of creating a niche for themselves in the world markets by virtue of their determination to achieve technological excellence, a sense of commitment to satisfy their customers requirements and their inherent entrepreneural qualities. The PLEXCONCIL on its part is committed to support the efforts of its members to achieve export excellence and service the overseas buyers to find appropriate trade partners in the Indian plastic industry.

In its pursuit to achieve export excellence, various export promotional activities are undertaken by PLEXCONCIL. These include participation in international trade fairs; sponsoring delegations to target markets; inviting business delegations from the overseas to India; organising buyer-seller meets both in India and the overseas etc and servicing the needs of its members.

Products from the Indian plastic industry are exported to over 150 countries round the globe with the major trading partners being USA, United Arab Emirates, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Germany, South Africa, Egypt, the Netherlands and Spain

Indian Society of Plastics (ISP)

Founded in 1992 with the broad aim to provide information to the public in general about plastics. ISP held various seminars on Plastics to educate on various subjects to the entrepreneurs, had organised yearly Polymer Days for the get-together of the people in the field of plastics, given away ISP's Polymer Awards to the entrepreneurs performing in an outstanding way, sent `Polyworld' newsletters all over India to the important people and organisations.

Plastic Food Containers

The plastic food containers are being used for quality presentation of gift line products such as nuts, dried or glaced fruit and confectionery.Quality gourmet cake manufacturers are also big users of these plastic food containers.Customers have been looking for a rigid plastic food container that will give their products an edge in presentation and these food containers, made from food safe polystyrene, do just that.


  • Easy to transport
  • Crystal clear to display the product
  • Colours also available to suit the product, but keep the crystal clear lid
  • Air tight
  • Outstanding quality product at a "disposable" price
  • Made from recyclable, general purpose polystyrene

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