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Stationery is a general name given to paper and office supplies such as envelopes, notepads, pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, staples, etc., and refers to all products sold by "stationers". The term "stationery" is frequently used to refer more specifically to paper used for written correspondence, usually decorated and/or personalized with matching envelopes.

By extension the term has been applied to decorative backgrounds that may be attached to email correspondence (though this has never found favour) or to describe templates typically used by home users in desktop publishing software to make, for example, party invitations.

The word is sometimes confused with stationary, meaning "not moving". A useful mnemonic is "stationery has an e for envelope".

Stationery is defined as the products made of paper to be used for personal and office supplies. Stationery is usually decorated and/or personalized to enhance its look. It has been commonly confused with another term ‘stationary’, which actually means 'standing at a place'.It is used in arts and crafts, calendars and diaries, letters and envelopes, office supplies, and promotional products etc. For holidays, special Stationery material like cards, envelopes and notepads are commonly seen. Even non-paper products like pens, pencils, staples and staplers, crayons, markers, adhesives, tapes, file holders, math sets, craft and office scissors, chalks, bookmarks, stamps and stamp pads, glue sticks, memos and paper clips, stencil sets and calculators all fall under the umbrella of Stationery.

By and large, the main ingredient in Stationery is the paper. To some extent, use of computers has reduced the consumption of paper and Stationery. For making Stationery, a number of paper types are available, like Bond, Text, Uncoated Book, Coated Book and Cover. These distinctions are based on a grading system and weight of the paper being utilized. Stationery made from recycled paper is also in vogue and serves a valuable cause of protecting our environment from depletion. Even handmade papers are used by some.

After selecting the paper, it is a good idea to decorate and design the Stationery to increase its appeal and aesthetics. A theme or a textured paper can be selected for the base paper, which can later be decorated with borders or illustrations. Using your photo or logo can give it a fancy look. Whatever the design you finalize, it can be either hand painted for very small numbers or it can be printed from the Stationery suppliers. The full color printing is generally done using four ink colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black, with the help of litho printing techniques.

Stationery shops are very often located in the neighborhood and one can find almost all types of Stationery there. But if you are looking for customization or need something specific, you might have to search on the Internet. The main points to be emphasized while buying Stationery are the quality of paper, printing and cost.

The stationery market is mostly influenced by macroeconomic development, national income and population growth. The word stationery incorporates each and every commodity like files, folders, erasers, sharpeners, schoolbooks, notebooks etc. It does not limit its spectrum of action but formulates developed innovations in industry. Stationery industry produces much more influence as compare to any other

Specifications in the market. The whole stationery ratio in the market depends upon the overall economical environment. The domestic as well as the international market scenario mobilizes more and more rapport with other market happenings. The stationery market also includes wide arena of products comprising paper products, writing instruments, computer stationary, school stationary, office stationery etc. All these varieties have undergone various changes in passage of time by the virtue of new international and modern

classifications. In the international arena the industry of stationery provides more scope for development and trends. Very often the stationery industry ranks as one of the evolutionary aspect of market that produces more and regular changes. As compare to Indian market the international market scenario calls for more innovative trends. The specifications in this regard may be wide which are affected by numerous market values. To look in the international environment the stationery market has witnessed tremendous dynamic changes. Especially the countries like China, U.K., U.S.A. etc, which are leading exporters for stationery products, is the major subject of concern for Indian market. In the product varieties like writing instruments, paper products, leather accessories these countries have lot more shares in world market as compare to any other international participant. In the last decade the Indian market has increase in the imported varieties in market. Especially in the electronic items from South Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, we have produced big market percentage. These product varieties mainly includes calculators, computers, printer etc. The main reason behind this may be difference in nature but they generate healthy and strong competitions in Indian market. Cheap availability of raw material, low cost for human resources, increased and modern technology participation etc can be looked as some of these reasons.

The stationery market includes product for office; home and educational use but exclude greeting cards calendars andgift-wrap. The stationery market is affected by the health of the general economy. In 2001, the difficulties for the industrial sector of the economy meant that some customers had reduced stationery needs or had closed completely, with the level of bad debts increasing. In the two-tier economy, consumer spending remained high, helping make the personal stationery market relatively prosperous. Industry observers and now accepts that increasing use of computers is boosting the demand for office papers rather than the reverse, as was once expected. The eventual threat of the paperless office has been pushed further into the future, with experts predicting further growth in cut paper. The generalized market, use of computers, page printers, e-mail and electronic trading has had its effect on the stationery but this has not been influential in reducing the overall demand for paper. Rather, the types of products in demand have changed and some traditional stationery products are moving towards obsolescence.

China’s pen and pencil-making industry is the world’s largest in terms of production and exports. The output of ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils ranks third globally. A large quantity of ballpoints sold on the Chinese market is not brand names but tend to be low end products. This is the main reason behind the large availability of Chinese products in Indian market. Because of the restructuring of the world economy, labor-intensive industries such as pen making, garment making and musical instrument making have gradually shifted from developed countries to developing countries such as China. In the Indian context the stationery market is largely influenced by the market for educational and office stationery products. In particular in the category of school stationery the percentage of schoolbooks captures the bulk of market. The national market for syllabus-based books is estimated at Rs10bn and has been growing at 20%pa. Relatively other departments from stationery industry generate more or less equal percentage of growth. As far as Indian situation is concern there are numerous factors that affects the overall market ratio. The industry functions in accordance with the international trends and scenario. The factors like production cost, facility, availability of raw material, govt. policies etc. affects this industry a lot. The major part of this industry comes in unorganized sector hence the development is affected. The varieties like files and folders, writing instruments still comes under small-scale industries that limits the economical and investment growth of this industry. Because of its cap of small-scale industry it lacks the some level of quality and it reduces the chances for the exporting of these commodities to the countries like U.S.A, China, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

This is an important factor that restricts the survival of these goods in the international arena. As compare to international standard our commodities having lack of quality and R&D. And due to government. shackles in terms of their policies, it reduces the growth of this industry in particular and the chances for growth are restricted. This is the main reason why the international market is flourishing with Chinese and Taiwanese trends and products. What they are producing may be in one-month time that will take us to produce around six months because of these variety of factors. With modern facilities and technologies every segment of market undergoes large amount of changes in the passage of time. And to cope with those changes one has to need new technology and knowledge updated in accordance with time. Lack of modern production facilities, unorganized nature of functioning, marginal demands, government. policies and international competition prompts to have delay in the development of this sector. All these factors still prevents this industry to have good development in this country but to look in a positive side the increasing demand for these products and new trends of modernization will improve the status in coming period of time. The increasing awareness and need for presentation will definitely provide an essential boost to the functioning of this industry. Once the big international players will come into play in Indian market with positive and healthy outlook then domestic players will definitely get some encouragement in this regard. The change of policies and production facilities would also be helpful to change the whole scenario.

Future Prospects
The stationery market is mostly influenced by macroeconomic development, national income and population growth. Since the macroeconomy is expected to keep on increasing national income, it is forecasted that the industry will enjoy healthy growth. And with local maker efforts to develop high-added-value production, the added value of stationery products will also keep growing. It is anticipated that sales revenue and added value of the industry will show a growth rate of about five to 6%.

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