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consumergoods Member Directory(Easy Cutter)


UMS Technology Ltd, is specializing with the most needed product UMS Zap Mosquito Terminator Bat. Ecologically, mosquitoes may be needed but when it comes to them sucking out the lifeblood of human bodies, more so dangerously on tender babies and to your dearest pets, they are despised with the whole heart. Mosquitoes transmit dangerous diseases like encephalitis (a fatal disease that caus.....

YAT International

[Sialkot, Pakistan]
We are a group of industries based in Sialkot, Pakistan manufacturing various products of international quality. I.E. Manicure & Pedicure Products like: Barber Scissors, Embroidery Scissors, Fancy Scissors, Household Scissors, Nail Cutters, Nail Nippers, Tweezers, Pushers, Manicure Kits and other Manicure Items. Products of YAT International are engineered with the user in mind thus they are.....

Utility & Convenience Products

[Pune, India]
We are designers and manufacturers of the clothes drying stand. This stand is detachable, portable and easy to use. Up to 32 clothes can be put for drying and up to 75 infant's clothes can be put for drying.This stand is extremely useful for every household. We also manufacture barbeques, cloth clip, umbrella stand etc......

baba foodstuff trading

[ajman, United Arab Emirates]
Our products are specialised for fast food outlets and major hypermarkets fresh food section.We have broaster chicken powder, pizza source, shawarmamasala, zinger masala, We also manufacture 34 items curry powders which is very easy to cook like instant powder. Using our products you can make curry within 15 minutes time in your kitchen......


[MUMBAI, India]
Our Specialisation:- 1)RESHLON HAND SANITIZER:-RESHLON HAND SANITIZER :- Hand sanitizer is easy to use cleanser that dosenít require soap or water. Itís new anti-bacterial formula kills 99.9% of the germs responsible for coursing illness and leaves your hands soft & moisturised Fragrance available Lime Cucumber Orange & Rose .Usefulin Prevention of Swine Flu. 2)Henna:- 1)Henna Ė(100% Natu.....


[NEW DELHI, India]
Products Ė Industrial Self Adhesive Tapes 1. Adhesive tape - is an adhesive-coated fastening tape used for temporary or, in some cases, permanent joining. Single-sided tapes allow joining of two overlapping or adjoining materials, while double-sided tape (adhesive on both sides) allows joining of two items back-to-back. 2. Electrical Insulating Tape (PVC Insulation Tape) - All purpose such as .....

hetshilya home care product

[surat, India]
Clean n care floor cleaner which is ecofriendly environmental safe non toxic non phenolic adn safe to all type of floor. Which is with natural citronela oil. Clean liquid hand wash is ecofriendly safe and safe to hand anti microbial product. Clean vagi wash tablet is better safe and easy to use for home and institution. Sheetal aloe shampoo is light shampoo with aloe vera for soft and sh.....

Namrata products

[Aurangabad, India]
We manufacture Balck Board Chalks and candles, In candle we manufacture sented, decorative, plain, number and varoius types of occassion candles. Chalks- low dust, smooth writing, easy to erase, and no stain on fingure whirte and coloure chalks we are manufacturing... Also we supply candle mold and chalk mold .....

Consumergoods Manufacturers Directory(Easy Cutter)

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