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consumergoods Member Directory(Lipstick)

Follow Me Industries Sdn. Bhd.

[Selangor, Malaysia]
Manufacturer & Exporter, Distributed and Marketed of Toiletry products and Cosmetics. 1)Follow Me:- Shampoo:-Shampoo Deodorant Facial Care, Hair Color Talcum Cosmetics, Hair Styling Powder For Men, Shower Foam Perfume Baby & Kids, Body Care Body Spray Dental Care, Egg Shampoo, Pomelo and Jojoba Shampoo, Dandruff Control Shampoo, Aloe Vera Conditioner, 4 in 1 Ginseng Vitamin B5 Shampoo, Conditi.....

SALVETE 1990, a .s.

[Katovice, Czech Republic]
We are Manufacturers and Exporters of decorative cosmetics under the brand Gabriella Salvete and perfumes. Our Product Range : * Nail Care : NAIL POLISH CORRECTOR PEN 1+3 NAIL ENAMEL WITH HARDENER FRENCH MANICURE STRIPES White Special Translucent Coat Base Coat Top Coat Nail Cuticle Oil Calcium Nail Polish 2 IN 1 56 SECONDS Nail Contour * Lip Care : EXCELLENT LIPSTICK EXCELLEN.....

Cosmetics Industrial Co., Ltd

[Guangdong, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Cosmetics Products. Our Products Ranges:- The series of the cosmetics: Series of the muffin, make up and make the series of suits up , series of bean noodles, distribute series of the powder , foundation cream liquid series , eye shadow series , lipstick series , lip color series , lip oil series , lotion frost series , mascara series , etc.. The cosmetics are p.....

Wah Wei Industries (Hong Kong) Ltd

[Shatin, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturer and exporters of all types of bags and other products such as:- Ashtray pouch Backpack Cd / md holder Card / certificate holder Cosmetic bags / pouches Cooler bags Eva products Handbags Inflatable products Lunch bags Lipstick case Mesh pouch Neck lanyard Pvc bags / pouch Trolley bags Other products Back Pack Bag Bag, Casual Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Pvc Bag, T.....

Zhejiang Xinde Packing Co., Ltd

[Zhejiang, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Main Series of Cosmetic Packing Products are as follows: Skin Care Products Bottle Series, Skin Care Products Lid Series, Lipstick Series, Perfume Lid Series, Eyeliner Tube Series, Eyelash Tube Series. Production technics are: Mould Plastic Shaping, Cold Punch Shaping, Aluminum Oxidization Treatment, Aluminum Plastic Coating Treatment, Bronzing and so on. Our Produ.....

Corporate Graphics, Inc.

[Greenfield, United States]
We are Manufacturer and Services as Officially-licensed NCAA Final Four merchandise featuring basketballs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, jerseys, fan packs and pin sets. All Categories : Apparel :- Aprons Bathrobes Ball Caps Pants Gloves Headbands Jackets Scarves Casual Dress Sweaters T-Shirts Vests Wind Shirt Short Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt Sport Shirts Swea.....

Beauty Care Products (India)

[Mumbai, India]
1. Herbal Shampoo 2. Body lotion 3. Shower Gel 4. Hair Styling Gel 5. Hand Wash 6. Coconut Oil 7. Nail Enamel 8. Lipstick 9. Liquid Lipstick .....


[Delhi, India]
The kandice international a well known company for the 'women oriented products' like beauty care, skincare, hair care, body care, nail polish, lipstick with the brand name kalonice.
Our main product include cosmetic products and beauty care products like moisturizer, face cream, body cream, cold cream, face pack, heena and breast former etc......


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacture, Suppliers and Export of Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics. Soap - Beauty Soap, Bath Soap, Toilet Soap, Laundry Soap Detergents - Laundry Detergent, Detergent Powder, Washing Detergent, Detergent Bar Cosmetics - Eyeliner, Lipstick, Lip Liner Brushes, Nail Enamels.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers of TEXTILE: Cotton Cloth & Yarn, Direct Colours, Wool, Nylon, Silk & Jute Acid Colours Jute, Coir, Coil, Grass Acid & Basic Colours Tinting on Terelene Tinting Colours. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Oil Colours in Powder & Liquid form: Gasoline (Petrol, Diesel), Kerosine, Lubricants, Grease, 2T Oil, Automative Radiator Coolant Water Soluble Fluorescent Dyes & Acid Colours. COSMETIC .....

Devarsons Industries Limited

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters/Importers of Soaps & Detergents Water soluble & Oil soluble Colours, Soap whitening agent, Foaming Agent: Washing Soap bar etc, Toilet Soap Cake & Liquid Soap Cosmetic Grade Oil Soluble & Water Soluble Colours, Detergent Powder, cake Pre dispersed Pigments in Powder & Paste form & Optical Whitening Agent Mosquito Matts Oil Soluble Dye. TEXTILE: Wool, Nylon, Si.....


[Mumbai, India]
BRASS HANDICRAFTS, Flower Vase, Aftaba, Planter, Candle Holder, Incense Holder, Tray, Ashtray, Wall Plate, Bowl, Wine Set, Tea Set, Figures, Bells, Diya, Wind Chime, Hukka, Thali-Lota Set, Bankura Horse, Temple Lion, Animals, Door Handles, Paper Weight, Paper Cutter, Bangles (With Mother of Pearl), Purse, Jug, etc. Brass Handicrafts Manufacturers & Exporters: Fine Clothing, Fashion Ac.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of COSMETICS : Nail Polish / Face Compacts / Lipstick / Foundation etc. PLASTICS : Cosmetic Containers / Jewellery Boxes / Pen Boxes......

Aily Cosmetic Company Ltd

[Shantou, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Eyes Shadow, Foundatin Make-Up, Lipstick, Color Face-Painting, Skin Shield, Hair Shield, Perfume and so on. .....

Excellent Style Packaging (Hong Kong) Ltd.

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturers & Traders Of Lipstick Cases, Compacts Cases, Cream Jars, Pump Caps & Sprayers, Blowing Bottles, Caps, Eye Shadow Cases Powder Box. Others:- Eye Shadow Pen, Powder Tube. .....

Zhejiang Qian Fei Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

[Yiwu, China]
Manufacturer & Exporters of - Hair-care - Shampoo、Hair Gel, Mousse、Hair Qil Body-Care - Cream Lotion 、Face Lotion Shower Lotion、Hand Gel Perfume, Color Cosmetics, Lipstick、Lipcolor, Lipgloss、Eye-Shadow, Eye-Line, Air refresher, Set packing, Child Healthy Series, GIFT SETS , BABY SERIES. .....

Handfa Industrial Company

[Kowloon, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturer and exporters of all types of bags and other products such as:- Ladies' Fashion Handbag Kid's Bag, Backpack, Bowling Bag Casual Bag, Sports Bag, Rucksack, Travel Bag Business Document Bag / Computer Bag / Trolley Bag Wallet, Key Holder, Cosmetic Bag Back Pack Bag Bag, Casual Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Pvc Bag, Sports Bag, Travelling Beauty Case Briefcase Card - Greetin.....

Zhejiang Enchant Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

[Zhejiang, China]
Manufacturers Of Need me : Enchant, Bestsense, Nail Polish, Nail Care, Nail liquid, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Perfume, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Lip Honey, Lip Color, Lip Oil, Skin Care, set package......

Yiwu Dacheng Cosmetics Co. Ltd

[Yiwu, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Lipstick Nail polish Eye-Shadow Lipcolor Powder Lip gloss Lip Balm Mascaraeye-line Eyebrow pencil ProtectskinPerfume Shampoo.....

Consumergoods Manufacturers Directory(Lipstick)

PNW Intl., Inc.

[Puyallup, United States]
We are Manufacturer of Athletic shoes for adults and children. Lipstick Happy Feet :- So comfortable -- It's like walking on pillows Disc Gear :- Your best bet for all of your CD Storage Solutions Blopens :- Air brush -or- Marker?? Either way they are a blast! Mist Lamps :- Ultrasonic mist generator, colorful lights, natural humidifier Mist Lamp Parts Nail Jazz :- Al.....

Sun Bowen Enterprises Co., Ltd.

[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
Design and production of excellent quality metal products. We have two main product lines, evening handbags and other metal products, such as: Mirror compact Metal belt Bangle Key-chain Tie-clip Cuff-links Gifts and premiums Atomizer Bangle Key-Chain Rhinestones Key-Chain Lipstick Case Mirror Compacts Rhinestones Mirror Compacts Name CardHolder Pill Boxes Table Mirror R.....

Winda Gifts & Premium Mfy Limited

[ Shatin, China]
We are the Manufacturer and exporter of metal mirrors and name card cases. Our Product includes: -Name Card Case -Name Card Holder -Cigarette Case -Luggage Tag -Dairy and Organizer -Address Book -Memo Holder -Memory Card Case -CD Holder -MD Holder -Photo Frame -Lipstick Case -Sewing Kit Case -Manicure Set -Cosmetic Case -Facial Paper Case -Mirror -Pill Box -.....

Commercial Agencies Ltd.

[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
Manufactures and Exports lipstick, lipbalm, bath foams, and nail polish. Our product range includes: -Lip Balms -lip gloss -lip gel in various shaped tubes & containers -eye liner -lip liner -eyeshadow in various containers or in the form of auto-turnable pencil -liquid mascara -glitter jels -blush & conceilers .....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacture and export of Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics Soap - Beauty Soap Bath Soap Toilet Soap Laundry Soap Detergents - Laundry Detergent Detergent Powder Washing Detergent Detergent Bar Cosmetics - Eyeliner Lipstick Lip Liner Brushes Nail Enamels.....


[Tehran, Iran]
We are engaged in Production of cosmetics, hygienic and detergents products
Our product are : Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Dish Washing Liquid, Liquid Soap, Antiseptic Gel, Glass Cleaner Liquid, Fabric Softener, Eau De Cologne, Perfume, Cream, Body Milk Lotion, Lipstick, Vaseline, Baby Vaseline, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Foundation Cream, Nail Polish, Anti-perspirant, Laundry Detergent, Hair Gel, Ha.....

Kaisun International Industrial Company

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Hair accessories---boby pin, sleep pins, ponios, elastics, pony holders, bobbles, claws, French clips, headbands, head wraps, scrunchies, side comb, hair fork, duck clip, imitation hair, hair sets, etc. Fashion Jewellery---Toe rings, Anklets, belly clips, rings, bracelets, brooch, pendant, necklace, earrings, etc. Miscellaneous---Belts, handbags, statione.....

Wellcorp Leather Goods Ltd

[Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong]
We are well experienced manufacturer for all kinds of leather, pu, pvc or nylon goods. Our Products Are:- -Briefcase -Carrying case for computer -Handbag -Lipstick Case -Luggage handling accessories -Organizer -Ornament box -Portfolio......

Wah Wei Industries (Hong Kong) Ltd

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturing and exporting all kinds of Bags, Computer cases, Camera bags, CD carrying bags/cases, Cosmetic bags, Diaper/baby bags, EVA backpack/bags, EVA computer cases, Wooden products, Wallets and Inflatable products. ASHTRAY POUCH BACKPACK CD / MD HOLDER CARD / CERTIFICATE HOLDER COSMETIC BAGS / POUCHES COOLER BAGS EVA PRODUCTS HANDBAGS INFLATABLE PRODUCTS LUNCH BAGS LIPS.....

Chinades Lighter Co., Ltd

[Guangdong Province, China]
Chinades Lighter Factory is established for the purpose of producing and exporting the lighters. Our product long enjoys a high prestige. We are striving to expand economic cooperation and will utilize common and reasonable international practices in a flexible way. Moreover, our products sell well all over the world. Our Product Range : * Flint Lighter : 7.7 cm Disposable Lighter 7.7cm T.....

BRV International

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Henna Colors, Henna Hair Dyes. Leather Accessories / Corporate Gifts : Our product range encompasses: Leather Wallets, Key Chains, Executive Bags, Leather Travel Bags (Tetron), Ladies Wallets, Passport Holders/Organizers, Travel Folders, File Folders, Leather Bags, Photo frames/Photo Key Top, Golf Ball Kits, Cosmetic Mirror/Lipstick Case, Mobile Cover/Case, Visiting .....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacture & Exporter of Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics. Soap : -Beauty Soap -Bath Soap -Toilet Soap -Laundry Soap Detergents : -Laundry Detergent -Detergent Powder -Washing Detergent -Detergent Bar Cosmetics : -Eyeliner -Lipstick -Lip Liner Brushes -Nail Enamels.....

Wah Wei Industries Limited.

[Hong Kong, China]
We are the Manufacturers of computer and camera cases, bags, back packs and accessories. Our Product includes: -Ashtray Pouch -Backpack -CD/MD Holder -Card/Certificate Holder -Cosmetic Bags/Puches -Cooler Bags -Eva Products -HandBags -Inflatable Products -Lunch Bags -Lipstick case -Mesh Pouch -Neck Lanyard -PVC Bags / Pouch -Trolly Bags -Other Products including Bag, Baseball .....

Widerich Industrial Ltd

[Kennedy Town, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturer and exporters of different types of bags and other products such as:- 300D Polyester Sports Bag Jacquard Ladies' Handbags Collection Rubber Suede Cosmetic Pouches Mesh PVC Sports Bag 70D Cooler Bags 70D Beach Bags Lamb PVC Cosmetic Pouches Haircell PVC Ladies' Handbags Backpack Beach Bag Book Holder Bottle Holder Briefcase Card Holder Casual Bag Cooler Bag Co.....

Best Lady Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Guangzhou, China]
Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of Bicycle accessory : rubber solution Bicycle tube Bicycle accessory Building Material : Locksets Nails Aluminium profile Sanitary products Baby products : PVC pants Mosquito net Feeding bottle & nip Cosmetics : cream soap Lipstick & Make up Eyebrow pencil Daily Products : Battery Candle Vide.....

Yuen Hing Trading Co.

[Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturers and exporters of different types of bags and others products such as:- Jewellery Box Paper Box Purse Ladies Bags Gift Box Cosmetic Bag Fabric Covered Box Bag Bag - Paper Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Evening Bag, Pvc Box & Case - Cardboard Coin Purse Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Mirror Gift Box Handbag Jewellery Box Lipstick Case Notebook Paper Box Photo Frames Pouch .....

Shenzhen Sanxing Hardware Factory

[ShenZhen, China]
Manufacturers and traders of high quality cosmetic mirror, atomizer, lipstick case, keychain and other house ware products......


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