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consumergoods Member Directory(Scrubber)

Star Source Co., Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of producing the Bath accessories including Mesh Bath Sponge Bath Brush, Bath Towel, Facial Scrubber. Nylon series- Body Cleaning Towel Bath Belt Bath Sponge Elegant Bath Belt Body Cleaning Scrubber Mini Bath Mitten Facial Cleaning Scrubber Elegant Bath Mitten Bath Mitten Bath Glove Pe net series- Mesh Bath Sponge Pumpkin Bath Sponge Marshmallow Mesh Sponge Loofah.....


[delhi, India]
Scrubber plastic scrubber steel wool jute scrubber.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of CONSUMER PRODUCTS - Multipurpose Scrubber, Scrub Sponge, Stainless Steel Scrubber, Steel Wire Spools, Brass Spiral, Sponge Mops, Air Freshener INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS - Abrasive Wheels, Nonwoven Flap Wheels, Coated Flap Wheels, Hand Pads.....

Star Source Co., Ltd.

[Taichung Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of bath products, bathroom accessory ( accessories )-sponge- mesh bath sponge, pumpkin bath sponges, marshmallow & loofah mesh sponge. Facial cleaning scrubber- loofah mesh bath scrubber, body cleaning scrubbers. Brush - wood handle bath brush, deluxe wood handle bath brushs, deluxe bath brush, bath brushs, marshmallow mesh bath brush. Mitten - mini bath mitten, elegant bath.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manuacturers of international level PRODUCT RANGE : 1.Facial Tissues : -Jackson TikTok Tissues Paper Packet. -Jackson Deluxe H.C.Tissue Paper Packet. -Jackson Maruti Tissue Paper Packet. -Jackson Millennium Tissue Paper Packet -Jackson Flora Tissues Paper Packet (Black). 2.Toilet Rolls : -Snow White Super Jumbo Roll Jackson. -Flora Jumbo Tissue Paper Roll -Meculla Tissue Paper Ro.....

Chain Ya Industrial Co., Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of Professional products include non-woven cloth, kitchen utensil, bathing utensil, and emery wheel. Floor pads- -801 white polisher pad -803 brown stripper pad -804 green scrubber pad -805 red buffer pad -806 black stripper pad -Open mesh floor pad -Spiked carmat -Welcome mat -General carmat -Roll product -Mop with plastic holder -Pva floor mop House hold items- -.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of Housekeeping Products. Our Products :- Facial Tissues :- Jackson TikTok Tissues Paper Packet. Jackson Deluxe H.C.Tissue Paper Packet. Jackson Maruti Tissue Paper Packet. Jackson Millennium Tissue Paper Packet. Jackson Flora Tissues Paper Packet (Black). Toilet Rolls :- Snow White Super Jumbo Roll Jackson. Flora Jumbo Tissue Paper Roll Mecu.....

Cixi Kuahai Bath Article Co.,Ltd

[Cixi, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Natural Loofah, Vegetable Fibre, Sisal Hemp, Ramie Bath Products such as Body Brushes, Children's Animal Toy Bath Scrubber and Accessories. Our Products Include:- Loofah series Sisal series Tamee series Dianma series Huama series Fanggema series Huangma series Maojinma series Daima series Pure-cotton series Fengchaobu series Shamajin series Bath glove s.....

Star Source Co., Ltd.

[Taichung Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of :- Bath products, bathroom accessory (accessories)- (1)Sponge- mesh bath sponge, pumpkin bath sponges, marshmallow & loofah mesh sponge. (2)Facial cleaning scrubber- loofah mesh bath scrubber, body cleaning scrubbers. (3)Brush - wood handle bath brush, deluxe wood handle bath brushs, deluxe bath brush, bath brushs, marshmallow mesh bath brush. (4)Mitten - mini bath mit.....

S.A.I.Brushes Pvt Ltd.

[Indore, India]
Stainless steel scrubber, Nylone green pad scrubber, Phenyle, Umbrella, Raincoats......


[Chennai, India]
Manufacturing and trading in Cleaning Chemicals:-All Klean, Germ Free, Sparklean, Room Freshner, Window shine, KF11, 3M SS Polish, Solid power, Solid brilliance, Harpic, Sprit, Paint remover, Paint thinner, Taski R4, Taski R2, Brasso 100 ml, Tasli T T 101.
Toileteries:-Air freshner, C Fold towel[ Brown], C Fold towel [White], C Flod small [White], Z-fold, Kleenex face tissue box,.....

Fablas Impex Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer of- Stainless Steel Scrubbers, Scrub Pads & Scrub Sponge, Multipurpose Sponge & Mighty Mesh, Steel Wool Pads & Rolls, Miscelleneous Scrubber, Multipurpose Sponge Cloth. .....

Fablas Impex Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
We Are Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel Scrubbers, Scrub Pads & Scrub Sponge, Multipurpose Sponge & Mighty Mesh, Steel Wool Pads & Rolls, Miscelleneous Scrubber, Multipurpose Sponge Cloth. .....

National Product Corporation

[Pune, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of :- Blush on brushes, Powder brushes, Fan Brushes, Bronzing Powder Brushes, Pack Brushes, Body Bleach Brushes, Glue Brushes, Acid Swab brushes, Stencil Brushes, Forensic Brushes, Dusting Brushes, Flat Scrubber.....

Ningbo Kanger Greenness Consumer Co., Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Loofah bath products, Bath brush, Sisal hemp fibre products, Cotton hemp products, Hemp bath, Ramie fibre products, Silk bath, Bath series, bath flower ball and bar, Bath animal, Flower pillow, Toilet series, Cushion, Pillow in arms, Slipper model, Bath glove, Bath scrubber, Three patterns for children, Children suit series, Animal handkerchief, Bath long belt, BAFA .....

Well. Way International Trading Ltd.

[NINGBO, China]
Manufacturer, Exporter and Trader of following products:- HOUSEWARES: Cleaning items, Vacuum flask, Plastic tray, Bathroom items, Table cloth, Mirror, Hair bush, Air freshener, hook, Cloth rope, Hanger, Cloth pegs, Mop, Dust brush, Cotton buds/Tooth picks/Straws, Shoe polish, Bush/Razor, Sewing set, Combined beauty & Nail clip set, Timer, Scale/Gas lighter, Coffee maker & Grinder, Luggage strap/.....


[WINNIPEG, Canada]
AMAY INTERNATIONAL is start up company interested in Manufacturer Representation in Canada. Our main products of interest are (but not limited to those mentioned here) : Disagnostic Medical devices, Water purifiers, Safety & Security, Scrap Metals & plastics, Agri Products, Machinery and more .Through our associates, We can also promote yur products in India. Our Product Range : * Stainless.....

Sai Worldwide Exports

[Delhi, India]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Following Products. Our Products are : -Galvanised Metal Scourers -Galvanised Mild Steel Scourers -Stainless Steel Scourers -Brass Scourer -Polypropylene Scourer -Steel Wool Rolls & Pads -Polyester Cloth -Polypropylene Sponge -Scrubber Pad & Sponge Our New Products are :- -Copper Scourers -Sponge Cloth -Polypropylene Wired Scourer.....


[TAIPEI, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and exporters of Consumer Goods. Such as:- -Auto Summer Cleaning -Auto Winter Solutions -BBQ Accessories -Brush Blocks -Filament -Household Cleaning Paint Sundry Push Broom -Squeegees & Floor Squeegees -Three Way Economical Snow Brush -Ultra One Touch Snow Broom w/ Ice Scraper -Square Short Handle Fender Brush - Soft Grip -X-Powered Car Wash System-Soap Dispensi.....

Consumergoods Manufacturers Directory(Scrubber)

Coronet Products Pvt. Ltd.

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers of Oral Care and Household Plastic Products. 1. Dish Scrubbing Brush clean shallow utensils neatly & easily. 2. Deep Dish Brush due to its deep reach an ideal product for cleaning deep utensils. 3. Laundry Brush helps in removing hard stains from your cloths with wripple bristles. 4. Laundry Brush - Twin its special shape give good grip over hand & wripple bristles help remov.....

Jing Jar Euterprise Co.,Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of:- Beauty towel, Body sponge Laundry bags Traveling, Ball bags Magic scrubber, Net cleaner .....

Jing Jar Euterprise Co.,Ltd.

[Chiai, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Beauty towel, Body sponge, Laundry bags, Magic scrubber, Net cleaner, Traveling, Ball bags......


[NINGBO, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of houseware、hardware、stationary、electronic products such as:- HOUSEWARES:- - Cleaning items - Vacuum flask - Plastic tray - Bathroom items - Table cloth - Mirror/Hair bush - Air freshener/hook - Cloth rope/Hanger/Cloth pegs - Mop/Dust brush - Cotton buds/Tooth picks/Straws - Shoe polish w/Bush/Razor - Sewing set - .....

Indeutsch Industries Pvt. Ltd.

[Noida, India]
Manufacturer and exporter/importer of high quality Artist Brushes, School Brushes, Cosmetic Brushes, Hobby/Craft brushes and brush components. Our product of Brushes: Artist Brushes: Round Toray Brush Round Teijin Brush Round Interlocked Bristle Brush Round Sable Brush Round Chinese Sable Brush Flat Toray Brush Flat Interlocked Bristle Brush Filbert Teijin Brush Filbert Interlocked.....

Meijie Commodity Co,Ltd.

[JiangMen, China]
We are Manufacture & Exports of Bath Sponge, Car Sponge, Scouring Pad, Sponge Scouring Pad, Cellulose Sponge, Washing Pad, Fruit sponge, Animal sponge, Flower Series, Bath Brush Series, Fish Series, Dog Series, Christmas Series, Toy Series, Wire Scrubber, Brush, Filtrate Scouring Pad......


[HOSUR, India]
Industrial vacuum cleaner, Dust collector, fume collector, floor scrubber and pollution control equipments......


UV water purifier, RO(Reverse Osmisis), Plastic tube light Fixtures, Motor controller-cum-level indicator, EPABX(Home telephone Exchange) Liquid blue, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, jewelry cleaner, mobile cleaner, vinegar, coconut oil, scrubber pad and many more......

Ordibehesht Trading

[Tehran, Iran]
Manufacturers and Exporters of scouring pad, scrubber, cleaning pad, sponge......

sanjivani products

[Thane, India]
Steel scrubber for cleaning home utensil products in 430l material. .....

Gharana Products

[Mumbai , India]
Cleaning Chemical, House Keeping Material Room freshener, Kitchen Care, Wet & dry moping systems, Steel/Plastic Dust bin, Automatic soap dispenser, Kitchen rolls, Automatic Dispenser and Refill, Auto Janitor, Brooms, Wiper, Safety Material, Stainless Steel Planters & Bines, Hand Dryer, Tissue Roll & Paper Dispenser, Tissue Paper, .C - Fold, kitchen Roll, Jumbo Roll, Glass care, .....


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