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  • Herbotique:- Contains pure
    Eucalyptus Oil:- wll known for it''s disinfectant qualities, apart from it''s healing and uplifting powers. Eucalyptus oil is extensively used to cure colds, migraines and sinusitis.
  • Hebotique:- also contains pure
    Geranium oil:- famous for its rose-mint aroma and it''s deodorizing, cleansing and stimulating properties.
  • Herbotique:- also contains
  • Coconut shell as natural birds feeding pot / Birds Nest.

    Coconut shell as natural birds feeding pot / Birds Nest.

    Natural Coco shell drilled in one side attached with natural string (coir yarn). Birds grow healthier when this natural pot is used for feeding. Size-assorted. 200 Nos. will be packed in one corrugated paper box. Coconut Shell is converted into natural home for birds or nest.....

  • Letterer Brushes

    Letterer Brushes

    Lettering brushes typically have very long hairs, generally of natural fibers, although the scarcity of some natural fibers has fostered the development of synthetic alternatives. A lettering brush has a round ferrule like the liner, but the end of the hair is shaped flat instead of pointed. This long hair gives them high color carrying capacity, useful for producing large block letters with a sin....

  • Square Wash Brushes

    Square Wash Brushes

    The square wash can produce varying shapes and widths, and often has a short, "flat-footed" handle for scraping, burnishing, and separating watercolor paper from blocks. A wash brush is useful for laying in large areas of water or color, for wetting the surface, and for absorbing excess media. The very popular square wash brushes offer an extra tool in the beveled plastic handles. They are perfect....

  • Synthetic Brushes

    Synthetic Brushes

    In recent years, brushes made of synthetic hair filaments have become generally excepted as an excellent alternative to natural hair. Synthetic 'hair' is not real hair, but polymer filaments made to look and act like hair. The best synthetic hair brushes are constructed using a mixture of filament diameters to achieve the flow of color from the brush to substrate. The spaces between the shafts of ....

  • Pointed Round Brushes

    Pointed Round Brushes

    The pointed round brushes has bristles that come to a point, and, while this brush can also lay in areas of color, it has the added attraction of being able to draw a fine line. Narrower than a standard round, these brushes have round ferrule and sharply pointed tip. Natural hair holds a sharper point than the synthetic fiber. Pointed Rounds have a fine firm point and sufficient fullness to carry ....



    Foodstuff and Agro-Products DANA’s foodstuff & agro-products is a fast-growing, international holding company specializing in agricultural-based commodity trading. Our team consist of highly-focused experts who work with clients & suppliers around the globe – U.S., Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Russia, Gulf and more. Our expertise and understanding of the dynamics of i....

  • Herbal Nourishing and whitening Shower(200,400,700ml)

    Herbal Nourishing and whitening Shower(200,400,700ml)

    Herbal Nourishing and whitening Shower(200,400,700ml)- Function: It contains many kinds of natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), mineral, Vitamin C, Vitamin B. The natural AHA and mineral helps to astringe, whiten and refresh the skin. Lemon extract: Containing abundant Vitamin C, Vitamin B, natural AHA and mineral that helps astringe, whiten and refresh the skin. Ch....

  • Hog Bristle Brushes

    Hog Bristle Brushes

    Bristles obtained from hogs are the most sought after brush hair in several parts of the world. Hog bristle is unlike any other natural filler in that it forms a V-shaped split or "flag" at the tip and tends to have a natural curve. Hog bristle brush with "interlocked" bristles, with the curves formed inward to the ferrule, has a natural resistance to fraying and spreads medium to thick paints smo....

  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel-98%

    Organic Aloe Vera Gel-98%

    Fresh Aloe leaves are harvested and cut open to draw out the pulp which is manually cold pressed to extract the gel. The raw pulp goes through a series of filters and homogenizing blenders, guaranteeing a rich combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as the highest possible concentration of mucopoly saccharides. Aloe Vera gel is a rich and natural source of essential minerals, ami....

  • Perfume Oils

    Perfume Oils

    Exporters Of Natural Perfume Oil (Fancy Bottle-Cinnamon), Natural Perfume Oil (Fancy Bottle-Coconut), Natural Perfume Oil (Fancy Bottle-Rose), Natural Perfume Oil (Fancy Bottle-Night Queen).....

  • Perfume Oils

    Perfume Oils

    Exporters Of Natural Essential Oil (Fancy Bottle-Jasmine), Natural Essential Oil (Fancy Bottle-Sandal), Natural Essential Oil (Fancy Bottle-Rose), Natural Essential Oil (Fancy Bottle-Pachouli).....

  • Coloured Paste -Green

    Coloured Paste -Green

    [New Delhi]
    Coloured Henna Paste: Due to the increased demand for a temporary Henna Tattoo products that stains your skin beyond the normal, all natural way. We have introducing a line of colured henna paste with 22 different colours. The main component is natural henna powder, but be informed that it is not an all natural product. We have tested this on ourselves and family members and found it to be a ver s....

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