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consumergoods Member Directory(Toilet Cleaner)

  • ENVii-Clean


    * Envii - Clean: is a liquid cleaner which contains no harsh or harmful chemicals, is PH neutral and non caustic. The good eco friendly bacteria digest and feast on the bad bacteria. Simply shake the bottle, dilute with cold water and wipe on with a cloth or a mop. The liquid works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This single product replaces the many "chemical" products you use today. It cleans flo....




  • Herbotique:- Contains pure
    Eucalyptus Oil:- wll known for it''s disinfectant qualities, apart from it''s healing and uplifting powers. Eucalyptus oil is extensively used to cure colds, migraines and sinusitis.
  • Hebotique:- also contains pure
    Geranium oil:- famous for its rose-mint aroma and it''s deodorizing, cleansing and stimulating properties.
  • Herbotique:- also contains
  • Wizard Floor Cleaner

    Wizard Floor Cleaner

    [New Delhi]
    Wizard has unique non-rinse formula which effectively cleans grease, oil, dirt, grime, from any type of surface. It has a very effective cleaning and germicidal action, repels flying insects. Ideal for use on any type of floors, kitchen platform, tiles, ceramics, steel fixtures, laminated surfaces etc. Lime fresh Wizard is a non-toxic and non-acidic cleaner, leaves, the surface lime fresh and spar....

  • QH-500 Pine Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner

    QH-500 Pine Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner

    [New Delhi]
    QH-500 is white deodorant liquid concentrate for general purpose cleaning which when used in toilets, drains and mopping masks the foul smell. It also kills certain germs and repels flying insects. Can be used on any type of surface. this is an effective double action cleaner for a complete cleaning and sanitizing programme. ....

  • Vacuum cleaner

    Vacuum cleaner

    Euroclean Vacuum Cleaner, Home Vacuum Cleaners, Dust Cleaning, Vaccum Cleaning, Vacuum Cleaners India

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