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Aim Products


Aim Products

Aim Products

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1983

The finishing and the shape of an earthen pot is the outcome of the meticulous care & dexterous touch of the Potter at the early stages of molding the supple lump of clay. Similarly, for a child to grow big with respect to all the facets of a good personality, proper care and attention should be provided at the formative stages of the childhood.

We, at AIM Products, ' To Provide Right Apparatus to Right Age', have dedicated all our efforts to manufacture quality products of montessori educational materials and montessori teaching materials that would help these saplings to grow and become strong trees. We started AIM Products in year 1983 as a home industry and today we are one of the leading manufactures in the market and known for our quality products. We, at AIM Products, aim at childhood fun, our aim is to combine play and educational values together. On examining our products of montessori educational materials and montessori teaching materials you will agree that we are committed to making the children world more interesting. We have set our AIM at child development. Presently we are selling our products not only in our home state M.P. But also in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, including all four metros

Manufacturing at AIM has been vertically integrated to facilitate all the processes involved in Designing & Implementing the Products for a Easy and Fun-filled Learning all over. Our units incorporate the latest technology, including latest machines. Production is supported by an in-house R&D facility, where new products and processes are under constant development.

Our integrated manufacturing operations use state-of-the-art equipment & quality control personnel to ensure only the highest quality standards. Order processing, production monitoring and processes are seamlessly integrated through a company-wide computer network.

Products :

Manufacturer and Exporter of quality products for children such as Montessori Educational Materials, Sensorial Apparatus, Alphabet/ Languages, Arithmetic's Apparatus, Finger Manipulation, Physical Education, Maths and Science Sensorial Apparatus - Solid Wooden Inset, Solid Wooden Inset Geometrical Design, Pink Tower, The Board Stair, The Long Stair, The Touch Board, Button Frames, Sound Box, Button Frames in single Frame, Constructive Triangles, Geometrical Tray Six Racks, Color Tablets, Geometrical Solid, Knob less Wooden Cylinders Wooden Cylinders, 10 Shapes 6 Shape, Geometrical card set, Swing Board Alphabet/Languages - Sand paper Letters, Movable Alphabets, Carving Board, Pictorial Alphabets, Akshar matching Box, Hindi Matrae, Apple Tree Word Forming Box, Link Letters, Alphabet Puzzle Tray, Hindi Puzzle Tray, Wooden Cutouts 4", Number Puzzle Tray, Combined Alphabet Puzzle Tray, Alphabet on Tortoise Arithmetic's Apparatus - Numerical Numbers, Arithmetic Box, Numerical Rod, Spindle Box, Sequence Counter, No. Counting Plate with Hanging Rod, Number Plate with Ring, Number Plate with Square 1 to 5, Counting Ball Frames, Senguin (Passage) Board, B.B.I Box, Beads & No Card Set, Bead Strings, Counting Cubes, Shape Clock, No card Set 1 to 9000 Finger Manipulation - Posting Box, Post Office Letter Box, Topa Baba, Pyramids, Boot House, Shapely Clown, Fit a Clock, Fruit Tail Veg. Thali, Fruit - Veg. Cartoon, Beads Travel, Rubber Stamps, Tino Twins, Build an Animals Physical Education - Balance Beam, Megdals, Dumbles, Lazim, Khanjiri, Ghunghru Stick, Skipping Rope, Jute Kope Ladder Maths and Science - Proof of Pythgoras Theorem, Probability Board, Fraction Disc, Patcking Puzzle, Barhm's Tower, Conductive Apparatus, Double Cone, Glant Yo Yo, Gravity Tower, Linear Expansion, Surface Tension, Optical illusion, Coupled Systems, Moon Prob, Bulls Eye Display Materials - Presentation Boards, Black Board, Laminated Board, White Board Board Stand - AIM Easel, AIM Revolving Stand, AIM Lobby Stand, AIM Single Pole Stand, AIM News Paper Stand Board Accessories - Expo Duster, Magnetic Duster, Duster Stands Acrylic (With fitting), Duster Stand Full Size, Marker, Board Fitting , Screw and Plug, Push Pins (25 Pcs.), Magnetic Buttons, Pointer Wooden, BBI Box Express, BBI Box Deluxe

Contact Info

Aim Products

109, Govind Colony,
Kila Road
Indore - 452 003 (Madhya Pradesh) India

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