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Sakthi Coir Exports


Sakthi Coir Exports

Sakthi Coir Exports

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1978

Sakthi Coir Exports is a young firm raised exclusively for smoother administration of exports from the mother company Sakthi Fibre Products, situated at Pollachi, Tamilnadu, India, . This company pioneered in the manufacture of coir and coconut products from the year 1978 onwards. During last two decades we have developed various new products of coir & Coconut, especially for our international clients. C.M.Kamaraj founded Sakthi Fibre Products, age 42 who is a Post Graduate in Commerce and is the backbone of the company. Now Sakthi Coir Exports, exports Cut fibre in bales which is usable as soil mix, coconut husk chips usable as soil conditioner, twisted coir which is raw material for making rubberised coir mattresses and cushions. Coir yarn or thinner varieties of coir rope in various varieties , coir pith in bales, coir dust in briquittes, marketable in Garden Center?s, Horticulture companies and Nurseries.

Products :

We are Manufacture & Exporters of Coir Fibre in Bales, Bristle Fibre, Machine Twisted Coir, Rubberised Coir Products, Hand Spun Brown Coir Yarn, Coco Peat, Coco Husk Chips, Coco Shell Icecream Cups, Desiccated Coconut, Shell as bird feeding pot, Coir Hanging Basket, Coir Punnet, Coir Pole, Coir Basket, Coir Pith, Coir Tile, Natural Coco Pot, Tender Coconut Water, Coco Bite. Coir Fibre in Bales:- Coir Fibre in all Grades Dry matured coconut husk is used for the extraction of coir fibre . It is packed in bundles of 30 kg. 50 kg. 100 kg or 125 Kg. We have Bristle fibre upto 200 mm, cut fibre in 1 cm to 2 cm long & mixed quqlity fibre. Bristle Fibre:- Bristle Fibre is the longest and strongest fibre extracted from coconut husk. It is packed in 250 gm hanks or in varying sizes and finally bundles in 100 kg bale. It is used for brush manufacturing and also for coir mats and mattings. Normal length of each fibre will be minimum 200 mm, supplied after combing and cleaning. Machine Twisted Coir:- Twisted Coir is made out of matured brown coir fibre. The products made out of twisted coir are coir mattress, coir cushions, rubberised coir pads, carpet underlays, seat cushions & for insulating drainage pipes. It is picked in coils of 30 kg or in various weights. Rubberised Coir Products:- Rubberised Coir bare sheets, Carpet underlays & mattresses in all sizes. Hand Spun Brown Coir Yarn:- Cleaned coir fibre will be spun into thinner rope in various sizes. Handspun yarn is available in tight twists, loose twists similar to popular varities like Mangadan, Parur, Nurgies, Soriwal and Diamond. This Item are supplied in various weight bundles. Coco Husk Chips/Cubes Organic Natural Plant Conditioner:- Natural Coconut husks is cut into chips in various sizes from 1/2 to 1" size. It absorbs water 10 times & releases moisture to the plant for a long time. It is 100% naturally organic. Husk, Chips helps fertilizer in giving its full efficiency in any soil and in any weather condition.

Product Catalog

Coir Basket
3 Nos Coir Moulded Basket - 16", 14", 12" dia size is fixed in single frame to grow 3 kind of plants . one single set is packed in one Carton Box in dismanteled condition....

Coir Pole
Natural Coir is wound on PVC Pipe or on wooden stick. Thinner coir yarn is wounded on coir to hold Coir tightly on the pole. This is eco-friendly climber to the plant. Co....

Coir Hanging Basket
Coir hanging Basket is a wonderful hanging plant container. Plant growth in this container is faster as it provide thousands for air holes faciiliting more air / oxygen f....

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Contact Info

Sakthi Coir Exports

Unit No. 9/2, Industrial Estate,
Udumalpet Road, Pollachi
Coimbatore - 642 003 (Tamil Nadu) India

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