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Karnataka Plantation Coffee


Karnataka Plantation Coffee

Karnataka Plantation Coffee

Hillsboro, , United States

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Karnataka Plantation Coffee is comprised of a select group of Coffee Estates in the State of Karnataka, India that has been producing superior Arabicas & Gourmet Robustas for over a hundred years.

All our estates adhere to stringent nutrient management, quality-control & community-development norms which make our coffees organically & socially responsible. Since we work closely and directly with these growers, we are confident that our coffees are always quality-consistent.

We hope you savor the nuances of our unique estates. In addition to their delightful taste profiles, when drinking a cup of our coffee, you become an integral part of our mutual efforts to promote a sustainable system for our community and our environment.

Products :

We provide Services of comprised of a select group of Coffee Estates in the State of Karnataka, India that has been producing superior Arabicas & Gourmet Robustas for over a hundred years. Our products :- GREEN BEANS : Indian Coffee is grown in the more humid areas of Coorg, Hassan and Chickmagalur. The tropical climate, hilly and sunny slopes, good rainfall and rich soils consistently produce high-quality coffee. Nowhere in the world, except India, will you find Robustas and Arabicas grown with the same care and attentiveness. Most estates will have Robusta and Arabica growing side by side. Both are grown at high altitudes (2500-5000ft.), hand-picked and sorted, shade-grown, naturally fermented, wet-processed and naturally patio-dried. This makes Indian Arabicas and Robustas a force to reckon with. Arabicas :- We have 8 estate specific Arabicas from the Coorg, Chickmagalur and Hassan districts of Karnataka State India. Each estate has the following grades available from the 2005 harvest. Please call for availability and pricing. Our Arabica Offerings :- Kohinoor Grade - Like the Kohinoor diamond, this high quality coffee is exceptional and exclusive. Sieve size: 18/19. The largest beans that grow on the coffee bush become the Kohinoor beans. Limited quantities available. Kimaya (divine) - These beans are sieve size 17 beans. Maya (illusion) - This is a high quality screen size 15 bean Arabica Peaberry - A high quality peaberry will definitely impart unique characteristics to the final brew. Our peaberry will definitely surpass your expectations! Limited quantities available. Robusta :- India is home to the best Robusta coffees in the world and yet little attention is given to this step-child of the coffea family. The robusta bean is not an inferior bean by any means; the poorly processed robustas in the market have given this coffee a bad reputation. In reality, the Robusta bean, as its name suggests, is noted for its robust taste and body. Some roasters believe that a good Indian Robusta can impart certain characteristics to the cup that cannot be achieved singly with Indian mild Arabicas. A well-crafted blend of Indian Arabica and premium Robusta will have a superior flavor and richness and will confer significantly enhanced value to the roaster. Robustas compliment Arabicas beautifully! We encourage you to try Indian Robusta, artfully blended or in espresso, and we assure you that they will surpass your highest expectations. Our Robusta Offerings :- Sitara - (bright star) - is the cr?me-de la cr?me of the Robusta harvest far surpassing the Kaapi Royale. Connoisseurs in the Italian & American market have much admired the individuality of this washed blue-green coffee with bold beans & minimal defects. Divya (eternal light) - is smaller sized than the Sitara. It is a sieve size 16 bean. Quantities are limited and this coffee is for the high-end consumer who wants exclusivity & uniqueness. Pallavi (spring leaf) - is a sieve size 14 bean and is ideal for the custom roaster who understands what a good robusta can do for his blends. Kaveri (sacred river of India) - This is a Divya/pallavi blend. It imparts the same richness, strength and flavor to the coffee blend, but goes through one less sorting stage and hence is more cost-competitive. Robusta Peaberry :- ROASTED BEANS : The following specialty roasters are buying Karnataka Plantation Coffee. Please call or email them for how to receive your coffee. Kaapi Kriya :- In Sanskrit, the literal meaning of the word Kriya is "action" and Kaapi is the Indian local name for "coffee". Kaapi-Kriya, in essence, is the act of growing coffee in a conscious and soulful manner. Outlined below is a sequence of how we grow and nurture our coffee bushes and how it truly is a labor of love.

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Karnataka Plantation Coffee

2020 NW Aloclek Drive, Suite 122
Hillsboro - OR 97124 () United States

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