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Amby Baby


Amby Baby

Amby Baby

Minneapolis, , United States

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1988

The Amby inventor, Ambrose Hooi, developed the hammock as a solution to his daughter’s colic and difficulty sleeping. Here is his story:

The “perfect baby” develops colic

Hooi's daughter Joanna was born in November 1988. The proverbial 'perfect' baby, feeding and sleeping well, she was a joy to behold. At about 4 weeks, however, things began to change, with the onset of colic, an often difficult to understand syndrome. She soon became unsettled and restless. As with most colicky babies, sleeping and feeding became a 'chore' rather than a 'joy'.

Hooi: I pondered over the question of 'a cure' for all this colic! What does a newborn do most of the time? Sleep? Yes, apart from feeding and the other natural things that all good babies do, the newborn sleeps or tries to, most of the time. So he spends most of his early life lying down, somewhere.

Hooi started asking questions: Could the logical answer to the problem then, be as simple as a bed? Perhaps some kind of a 'nest' that replicates the comfort and security of the maternal womb may not be too far fetched an idea for a solution! After all, why do babies curl up in a corner of a cot to sleep?

Could a non-traditional sleep environment make babies more comfortable?

With more research into the subject, it became increasingly evident to Hooi that there are many cultures that use an alternative bed for their babies. In many countries, a little hammock of one kind or another is used exclusively for their newborns. In these societies, the hammock as a baby bed can be found everywhere, suspended from beams in corridors and doorways, from the branches of shady old trees and on the front or back of mothers working in the fields. “Every time you look in on these 'hammock' babies, ” Hooi says, “they are asleep, blissfully!”

Hooi: If you examine the make up and structure of a hammock, you are reminded of some sort of an external womb, a kind of a 'pouch' that has many ingredients of the maternal womb. In kangaroos and other marsupials, the pouch is both an external and internal womb where the young is nurtured until they are old enough to fend for themselves. This is the supreme place of security, a place where they can simply concentrate on the joys of feeding, sleeping and growing.

The answer: A sleep environment resembling the maternal womb

According to Hooi, the human baby, amongst the most helpless at birth, must be given an environment that has some resemblance to the maternal womb. To cope with the outside world in their first few months of 'external' existence, Hooi reasons that as he spends most of his time in bed, he should have a bed that simulates the conditions of the maternal womb - a bed that can provide spatial restrictions or enclosure, tactile touch and rhythmic movements.

Hooi: The conventional baby bed that is available is therefore nowhere near suitable. They are, very simply, adult beds made in miniature and 'babied' up with frills. The only problem here is that babies are not miniature adults! They are initially frail and helpless and they need a lot of nurturing and sleep. Their bed must therefore be a place of utmost comfort and security, a bed that is at once soothing and stimulating.

In current debates and discussions on the topic of sleep or the lack of, much has been said about the methods- Ferber, controlled crying, attaching a crib to the parental bed, medication etc etc.

Hooi: We impose this so called 'expert advice' on our babies in the hope that one of them might work, when in fact a bit of common sense and lateral thinking might point us in the right direction. It just might be possible that the root of most sleeping problems in a normal infant (i.E. Not hungry, wet, sick, colicky or reflux) could be put down to one very simple thing, his bed. He could well be looking, even craving for something that he can easily and naturally identify with.

Hooi reasons that forcing a baby to sleep in a still, flat, open bassinet or crib is akin to asking us to sleep on floorboards after a lifetime on a mattress. “Surely it is not too difficult for us adults, ” Hooi says, “to understand that babies, like us, will prefer to sleep in something that they are familiar with and accustomed to. After all, they have just spent their whole life in the womb!”

Products :

We provide Manufacturer and Services of developed the hammock as a solution to his daughter’s colic and difficulty sleeping. Our products :- Amby offers you three packages to choose from! Each package comes in three colors options and a FREE canvas travel bag. Each package differs in price with the amount of accessories being added to each package. Amby beds :- Motion Bed Set Infant Package Infant-to-Toddler Package Accessories :- Cuddle Snugglers Fitted Sheets Jump Jump Mosquito Net Travel Bag SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome):- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a tragic syndrome that strikes one out of every 2000 babies in the US. We still don’t know all that we should about what causes SIDS and how to prevent it completely, though some theories pinpoint upright sleep position and sleeping on the back or side. We have found an unexpected and encouraging benefit of the Amby - Amby has sold over 20, 000 units worldwide with no known cases of SIDS to date. Amby Jump Jump :- Two products in one! Amby designed and patented its very own Jump Jump for exclusive use with our frame. As baby is weaning from the motion bed and starting the first steps to walking, the Jump Jump becomes a great second use for the frame and spring for continued use of your Amby product. Featured Patented design :- . Easy attachment to the spring, washable and comes in great vivant blue color. . Special safety back splash designed for babies head. . Enjoy a brief time out and let baby exercise before taking their very first steps! . Great bonding time with baby. Benefits include :- Reduced time in settling babies Gastrostesis babies are finding greater comfort after surgery Reduced repetitive nursing labor and savings by the hammocks effects in settling babies easier and faster. Overall saves time when settling babies Greater overall comfort for the newborn baby.

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Amby Baby

10285 Yellow Circle Dr.
Minneapolis - MN 55343 () United States

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