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Country Scents Milk Soap Company


Country Scents Milk Soap Company

Country Scents Milk Soap Company

Trussville, , United States

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
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Country Scents Handmade Goat's Milk Soap is made with 100% Nubian Goat Milk, premium vegetable oils, botanicals, and essential oils or fragrance oils. We have specialty goatsmilk soap, herbal soap, oatmeal soap, very popular soap loaves, and more -plus get creamy butter, balms, and silky milk bath salts for a head to toe wonderful experience! We make all of our own products - handcrafted soap included! PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FREQUENT SHOPPER'S DISCOUNT COUPON GOOD FOR REDUCED SHIPPING! ALSO, LOOK FOR OUR DAIRY SPECIAL OF THE MONTH! THIS MONTH, WE ARE FEATURING SOAP GRAB BAGS! THESE ARE GETTING LOW! LOOK FOR CHANGES IN SIZES OF SOAP OFFERED. WE WILL BE OFFERING BARS, 1/2 LOAVES AND WHOLE LOAVES. A WHOLE LOAF OF SOAP WILL MAKE 15 BARS! Thinking of sending a gift? We will be glad to include a personalized card free of charge. Just add this in the comments section on the check-out page. Why use our handmade soap? -Our natural soap offers superb skin cleansing and conditioning along with all the benefits of creamy, fresh, goat milk, a natural moisturizer and an ancient beauty treatment - no more itchy skin, ever! -Goat's Milk Soap has a PH level similar to our own which protects the skin from harmful bacteria or chemicals. -Goat milk soap also has the benefit of natural glycerin which occurs in the cured soap - commercial soaps have the glycerin removed from them. -Our handmade soap is pure and fresh, containing absolutely no harmful ingredients making it ideal for sensitive skin! -We make our homemade soap in small, controlled batches by the cold process method to ensure a quality product that cannot be commercially duplicated.

New batches are made everyday! Only the best ingredients are used in our basic formula - like fresh goat's milk, olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. Some bars also contain avocado oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, castor oil, and aloe vera oil, just to name a few! We use fresh and dried botanicals, essential oils or fragrance oil. Most bars are four ounces or larger. Complexion bars are a smaller three ounces. Since this is hand made soap, the size may vary slightly.

Your skin will immediately respond to its goodness and you will wonder why you ever used anything different! We guarantee it!

We are a family owned business, serving the online community, and we are devoted to providing the best goat milk soap and friendliest service as possible.

Products :

Specializing in all natural milk based soaps containing no preservatives, dyes or chemicals. Extremely nourishing and satisfying to the skin, these bars are handcrafted using only the finest oils and nutrients such as Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, etc. Our Product Range : 1 Handmade Soap :- * Blueberry Verbena Soap A grown up blueberry scent with a background of lemon verbena in a creamy goat milk soap. It smells good enough to eat! * Butterscotch & Anise Coffee Soap A well grounded goat milk soap that can be used at the sink or in the bath. With the addition of freshly ground coffee and a fragrant blend of fragrance and essential oils like including buttery vanilla and odor masking Anise oil this soap gets an A+. Great for the kitchen chef or anyone else who wants to give it a whirl! * Chai Tea Bar A goat milk soap that captures the warm spice notes of this Indian tea with notes of ginger and black pepper. * Churned Butter A fragrant and thick goat milk cream containing some of the finest oils imaginable for healthy and soft skin. Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter along with Grapeseed Oil and Jojoba Oil as well as Aloe Vera are combined to form an impossibly creamy butter that is not too greasy and readily soaks into the skin. Use it anywhere your skin is thirsty! Comes lightly scented or unscented. * Country Sampler Gift Crate A beautiful wooden crate just the right size to hold three bars of your favorite goat milk soap. It is tied with twine and shrink-wrapped for shipping. Please everyone on your list for almost any occasion! Choose from four different combinations. * Cream Handmade Soap A simply beautiful soap bar made with goat's milk and our basic soap ingredients with no added fragrance. * Dairy Special of the Month There is always soap sitting around here! This month we have a grab bag of five bars of unwrapped assorted soap varieties that are not usually carried in inventory. Grab some soap! * Double Mint Soap Goat's Milk with crushed mint leaves and a special blend of Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils will invigorate your mind and spirit! Peppermint is known to clear the mind and stimulate thinking. * Emerald Isle Kelp Soap While this soap invokes thoughts of islands and endless beaches with the addition of dried kelp it also works to improve the skin's moisture balance and appearance. Kelp also enriches the skin with nutrients and amino acids from the sea. Herbal scented. Famous Lip Butter Choose this wonderfully emolient lip butter for the softest and healthiest lips around. We use Emu Oil and Aloe along with Tea Tree Oil for a can't believe it result! * Famous Tea Tree Oil Balm A neatly packaged first aid kit in a tube! A great silky balm good for a multitude of uses. Dab it on insect bites or anywhere skin is dry. It is also extremely effective on breakouts and problem skin. This balm is made with the same essential oil blend as our lip butter but with the addition of silk protein and and an extra scoop of shea butter. See what uses you can find and let us know. Packaged in a large 1.5 ounce twist tube. * Goat Milk Spice Soap Sugar and spice and everything nice is in this soap! You will not find any puppy dog tails. Just scented and creamy lather to warm your soul and soften your skin. Just enough cinnamon with a sweet touch of apple and peach is added to goat milk to make this soap. Ground cinnamon and oats are swirled throughout for an extra special effect. * Guest Soap Perfect one ounce renditions of their bigger role models - these little bars are the perfect treat for overnight guests or weekend travel. They are also good as samples if you do not want to get the big guys right now. All are made with the same fine ingredients as their larger counterparts and come with a label. Comes with five assorted varieties. * Jasmine Neroli Soap The delicate scent of Jasmine balanced with fruity Neroli lightly fragrances this goat's milk soap. Try it for your skin! * Lavender Buds & Shea Butter Soap Lavender is probably best known for its ability to produce a restful sleep - this fragrant goat milk soap contains lavender botanicals as well as soothing shea butter. You might want to put this one under your pillow! * Marshmallow Cocoa Soap This is a beautiful bar made with cocoa and marshmallow root. Marshmallow root has been used to relieve some skin conditions like as dryness. Cocoa has antioxidant properties. Needless to say this bar smells of chocolate - a fun soap with some redeeming properties as well! * Mesh Soap Saver This is a mesh bag to be filled with your favorite soap bars or soap slivers to extend the life of your soap. It provides an invigorating cleanse as well. Comes in beige. * Milk Salts Steal a few minutes and soak away the stress of the day while relieving your skin of dryness. Our Milk Salts are full of special ingredients such as Dead Sea Salts, Epsom and milk powder. * Minted Grapefuit Soap The refreshing combination of uplifting grapefruit essential oil and a touch of peppermint essential oil in this goats milk soap will have you looking forward to getting up in the mornings! * Oasis Soap Another word for oasis is retreat or sanctuary. This soap will momemtarily transport him to such a place with its woodsy and masculine scent. * Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - CHECK BACK SOON! A favorite - this goat's milk soap is filled with exfoliating whole oats and enriched with soothing and silky Shea Butter and nutritious honey. It gently smooths and silkens your skin without irritation. * Patchouli Complexion Soap An intensely rich goat's milk soap made with Patchouli Essential Oil. Patchouli is derived from an East Indian bush and has many uses - it is said to rejuvenate skin and relieve some skin conditions which lends itself to an excellent complexion soap. * Pine Soap Saver What is a soap saver? It's a soap dish of course! This one is handcrafted from aromatic pine. It has grooves for air to circulate and dry your handmade soap between uses so that it will last as long as possible! Also it's a very nice country accent in a kitchen or bath. * Rose Lavender Soap TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - CHECK BACK SOON! Lavender and rose essential oils along with glycerine and freshly dried rose petals are combined with creamy goat milk and rosewater to make a fragrant and comforting soap that is good for your skin and your senses. * Royal Jelly & Shea Butter Balm It really does not get any better than this! This is a luxuriously thick balm that melts into your skin and makes it feel like silk and smell deliciously of honey! Enriched with fresh royal jelly known to have many benefits internally and externally- skin loving shea butter- and soothing lanolin. Try this balm along with our soap of the same name! * Royal Jelly & Shea Butter Soap Aaah! This soap is a long drink of rich and creamy nutrition for your skin! We have added fresh royal jelly in a base of raw honey with nutritious shea butter for a treatment soap that is good for the face as well as all over. This soap smells lightly of honey and is creamy in color and texture. Royal Jelly offers many nutrients and plant hormones which may prevent wrinkles and scarring due to its antioxidant properties. * Sandalwood Soap TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - CHECK BACK SOON! Sandalwood in its pure form has been used since Biblical times- we were not able to use pure essential oil due to the cost but we found a fragrance oil that closely resembles it. Sandalwood is a useful essential oil but we just like the way it lingers on the skin! * Soap by the Loaf Soap by the loaf is economical and gives an opportunity to vary the size of the bar. Soap stays fresh and there is great satisfaction in cutting your own soap! Our soap loaves are approximately 15 inches and will yield 15 bars. Pastry scrapers and putty knives make excellent cuts for smooth slices. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. * Southern Rain Soap TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - CHECK BACK SOON! Revel in this goat milk soap which is scented like summer rain in a southern field of wild flowers. This is a very nice scent for men and women. * Strawberry Splash Strawberries and a hint of champagne makes this romantic goat milk soap a fragrant skin soother. It is not too sweet and leaves a clean scent on your skin! * Tea Tree & Lime Complexion Soap Best Seller! Pure Tea Tree Oil has been the subject of many recent studies and is known to be a very powerful antiseptic- antibacterial and antifungal substance - yet it is safe enough when properly diluted for your skin. This soap is very effective for problem skin and other skin conditions which would benefit from Tea Tree Oil's properties. This powerful soap is also an effective deodorant bar - the Goat Milk helps out on that issue too! * Vanilla Coconut Cream Soap Nothing is more familiar than sweet smelling vanilla and not much is better than using a goat milk soap with the scent of vanilla and tropical coconut to soothe and scent your skin! * Wild Honeysuckle Soap A goat milk soap with the sweet sensation of wild honeysuckle growing on the vine. This is a pure and clean scent for anyone who has ever eaten honeysuckle off the vine or who wishes they had! 2 Butters, Balms, Lotions and other Sundries Churned Butter Famous Lip Butter Famous Tea Tree Oil Balm Mesh Soap Saver Milk Salts 3 Soap by the Loaf 4 Dairy Special of the Month 5 Guest Soap 6 Gift Sets : Country Sampler Gift Crate

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Country Scents Milk Soap Company

205 Ashwood Circle
Trussville - 35173 () United States

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