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Pondicherry, Pondicherry, India

Consumergoods Products - Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1986

We are based in Pondicherry since 1986 and are exporters of a wide range of herbal healthcare products, handicrafts and fashion jewelry.
Our main objective is to help the under priviledged women around the villages of Pondicherry gain greater social and economic independence. Aurocomp trains and employs rural women in their projects of handmade handicrafts including fashion jewellery, perfumed floral candles embedded with dried natural flowers, terracotta candles, handrolled incense, wooden floral trays, handmade floral greeting cards, ceramic diffusers and perfume satches.
No child labour and hygenic working conditions are strickly maintained.

Products :

Exporters of a wide range of herbal healthcare products, handicrafts and fashion jewelry. PRODUCT RANGE : 1.HANDICRAFT : -candles(candles in different shape, Terracotta candle in different model) -Icense : 1)STANDARD INCENSE PACKET (Coconut, Emerald, Fancy Bouquet, Fantasy, Fruity, Frankincense, Fresca, Musk, Opium, 10 Rose, Santal, Violet. 2)MINI INCENSE PACKETS(Almond Blossom, Amber, Bouquet of, Flowers, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Lilly of the Valley, Lotus, Musk, Night Queen, Opium, Tuberose, Vanilla, Vetyver, Wild Rose, Ylang Ylang. -Gift sets :PMI01 Pooja(50 mini incense sticks with wooden holder), PMI02 Mira Box (6 different assorted mini incense packets with wood and stone holder), PMP03 Mini Palette (12 different assorted mini incense packets), PEI04 Everest (6 different assorted standard incense packets with wood and stone holder), PHI05 Himalaya (12 different assorted standard incense packets with wood and stone holder) JNC06 Night Queen (3 mini perfume flower clay pot candle), JFC07 Floating Candle (2 mini perfume flower candle), JDC08 Diffuser Deluxe (6 mini clay pot candle without perfume), JOC09 Jyoti classic (5 mini perfume flower candles in cylinder shape), JOC10 Olympic Classic (5 small perfume flower candle in cylinder shape), AMG12 Multi Mix (2 mini packets, 5 cones, 5ml ambient perfume and 1clay stand). - Perfume : AP-A 01 Joyful Amber AP-A 02 Calm Frankincense AP-A 03 Cedar Wood AP-A 04 Fancy Bouquet AP-A 05 French Lavender AP-A 06 Garden Rose AP-A 07 Himalayan Pine AP-A 08 Marine Emerald AP-A 09 Mixed Fruit AP-A 10 Mystic Opium AP-A 11 Oriental Santal AP-A 12 Peaceful Patchouli AP-A 13 Peach Vanilla AP-A 14 Quiet Mind AP-A 15 Rejuvenating Dune Dior AP-A 16 Royal Jasmine AP-A 17 Serene Meditation AP-A 18 Soothing Violet AP-A 19 Sublime Musk AP-A 20 Sweet Dreams. -Perfume Sachet : AS-P 01 Almond Blossom AS-P 02 Champa AS-P 03 Fern & Moss AS-P 04 Gardenia AS-P 05 Garden Rose AS-P 06 Honey Suckle AS-P 07 Jasmine AS-P 08 Lavender AS-P 09 Lemon AS-P 10 Lily of the valley AS-P 11 Mystic opium AS-P 12 Orange Blossom AS-P 13 Oriental Santal AS-P 14 Sublime Musk AS-P 15 Vanilla AS-P 16 Ylang ylang. 2.HEALTHCARE PRODUCT : .Skin care : -Almond Cream - All Purpose -Almond Cream-Facial -Almond Cream-Under Eye -Almolive-Massage Cream -FOOT CARE-For Fissures & Cracks -HARIDRA -Turmeric Cream -NAIL CURE- For Bacterial Fungal Infections and Whitlow -O?LIVE CREAM-Body and Face Cream -PIMPLEX- For Pimples & Acne -SUN SOOTH-Sun Protection Cream .Hear care : Hair Care * Dandrive * Centella * Power Shampoo * Licex -HAIR CARE- Hair Vitaliser. .Body wash :BODY WASH -Protective Skin Softening Body Wash .Repellant :NOMOS - Herbal Mosquito Repellent. 3.FASHION JEWELLERY :

Contact Info


N0 14 Perumal
koil Street,
Pondicherry - 605001 (Pondicherry) India

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