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Kedaung Industrial Group


Kedaung Industrial Group

Kedaung Industrial Group

Jakarta, , Indonesia

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1969

The Kedaung Group is an unconsolidated federation of over 30 companies. Initially operating as a major importer of glassware, Agus Nursalim founded the Kedaung Group in 1969 after realizing Indonesia's enormous potential of becoming a major glassware producer and exporter.
Today, the Kedaung Group is one of the largest manufacturers of glassware in the world with production of 1, 650 tons per day; this is equivalent to 10 million glass tumblers being introduced to domestic and international markets every day. With more than 6, 000 basic items and approximately 120 production lines producing 600, 000 tons per year, the Kedaung Group leads the world market due to the variety and quality of its products and, more importantly, because of their value for money.
Meeting the challenges posed by customers' individual requirements is one of Kedaung's specialties, and the Group prides itself on its willingness to listen and to adapt whenever necessary.
The Group's reputation was built on its glassware; however, it is also recognized for its many other products and services. With numerous companies excelling in the areas of porcelainware, stainless steel and enamelware production; manufacture of roof-tiles of varying sizes and specifications; and in the production of decorative glass blocks for use in construction, the Kedaung Group has gone from strength to strength in its tableware and building material businesses.
The Group has also diversified into other areas not immediately concerned with industrial manufacture. The Group's strategy regarding diversification is one of carefully-considered and meticulously-researched partnerships with individuals and companies who are proven experts in their fields. Its partners are leaders in the areas of telecommunications, real estate and financial services.
Kedaung is unique because each company within the Group is an independent entity. The sense of unity is built around the fact that the Group is led by such a charismatic and highly-respected figure, Agus Nursalim, who is not only the original founder but also the Chairman of the Board.
The Group's philosophy has always been to be as self-sufficient as possible in order to maintain smooth and efficient day-to-day workings. Therefore, all glassware production premises incorporate an in-house graphics and photography studio, a corrugated carton cardboard box factory and advanced printing technology. The availability of these facilities means that all the Group's packaging needs are met within its own factories, minimizing costs and eliminating delays. This ensures the companies can continue to provide competitive prices while maintaining a remarkable level of quality.
To complement the excellence of its machinery and facilities, the Kedaung Group believes in the perpetual development of the people who make the company so successful. Overseas development training is mostly done in the company's machinery supplier sites, such as Italy and Germany, but exchange-training is also done between member companies of the Group in Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Management training is carried out in the U.S.A., Singapore and Australia, whilst in-house training is conducted by professionals with proven track records.
In order to further improve the excellent management and productivity of its companies, as well as to attain an international level of recognition and certification, external consultants from overseas have been invited to impart their knowledge to Kedaung. Even when the highest levels of efficiency and procedural organization with respect to its competitors have been attained, it is still possible for the Kedaung Group to go that little bit further!
One of the Kedaung Group's greatest successes over the last ten years has been the development of the international market. An impressive 45% of the Group's products is exported with 25% of this figure being sold to the United States, Canada and Mexico; 5% to the European Community; and the remainder being exported to the Middle East, the Philippines, Australia, Africa and South America.
Most overseas customers are, themselves, leading players in their own countries' markets. Makro, Walmart and Woolworths are among the companies whom the Group is proud to count among its long-standing customers.
Experience is the key to why the Group has such long-standing relationships with its customers and other business partners. Most buyers have remained loyal to the Group for more than ten years, as they have realized that Kedaung provides not only excellent value for money but consistency in delivery and efficiency in the analysis of and adaptation to the requirements of their markets.
The Kedaung Group is also concerned with the welfare of its customers, lending assistance to businesses experiencing national economic problems and providing financial aid in situations where a natural disaster has occurred.
In Indonesia, the welfare of the companies' 27, 000 workers is regarded as paramount to the success of the business. The Group pays salaries above the national minimum wage, provides recreation facilities and medical treatment and promotes the implementation of labor unions. The new site in the Langgeng Sahabat Industrial Estate in West Java will provide even more extensive living facilities for the Group's employees.
The Group's developments and successes to date are an indication of the heights it is expected to reach in the future and the heights to which it intends to take all its loyal and trusted business partners and employees.

Products :

We are manufacturers and exporter of Consumer goods. They are:- -glassware -ceramic houseware -silverware -ceramic tiles -glass blocks

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Kedaung Industrial Group

Kedaung Showroom,
Jl. Menteng Raya No.29,
Jakarta - 10340 () Indonesia

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