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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

SANDESH AGARBATHI CO. Is a pioneer in manufacturing Incense Sticks, Dhoops and Cones since 1974. We are exporting our incense products to more than fifty countries. Our collection of fragrances has more than one hundred soothing aromas. We are continuously striving to add new fragrances to our portfolio by innovating newer aromas.

Incense is the safest and the most convenient way to spread perfume and fragrance all around your atmosphere. The natural and environment friendly materials that go with making of incense sticks make them harmless and nature-friendly aroma products.

In the southern states of India, an innovative method of rolling fragrance emitting mixture (Dhoop) over thin splinters or sticks of bamboo was practiced, which when lit wafted fragrance in the form of smoke. These came to be known as Agarbathi/Incense/Joss/Dhoop Sticks and so on.

In all the major religions across the world, burning an incense is a means to evoke the blessings of the Almighty for the victory of good over evil, for incense sticks drive out all the evil thoughts, portents from the atmosphere and clear the evil smell. Therefore, the habit of burning incense, barks and herbs form a part of rituals across all religions. The soothing fragrance of incense creates a mood of serenity, brings tranquility and concentration of mind. Agarbathis are also used in everyday life as air fresheners to enliven the surroundings.

Products :

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Dhoop Sticks, Cones, Joss, Agarbathi, Incence Sticks in many Fragrances like Floral, Fruity, Naturals, Aroma Therapy and Twin Series & Mysticals. Our Products : -Floral : .Jasmine - Jasmine is the perfect companion for day or night dreaming and brings the influence of the moon. Jasmine Incense is used to balance male and female hormones; as an aphrodisiac; brain stimulant; for calming; restoring balance and confidence; easing depression; soothing headaches; insomnia and psychosomatic problems; promoting feelings of optimism and increasing receptivity. .Lavender - Lavender incense burns, cleans and is highly fragrant. Lavender is reputed to be an excellent all round healing incense and is said to be especially effective when treating colds and flu. Lavender incense cultivates peace of mind, tranquility and harmony. Lavender incense is great to use to promote peace and happiness, quiet sleep, soothe anger and to promote love. .Millers (million flowers) - Millers, the collection of 'million-flower' scents into one, is a powerful symbol of purity and innocence. Sandesh's Millers captures the lingering fragrance of beautiful flowers, bringing their freshness into your day. The delicate scent of the flowers has been perfectly captured in these incense sticks. The fragrance of flowers is evocative of a million tiny blooms. .Rose - Made from only red rose petals this incense is an excellent incense to burn when dealing with matters of love, love divination and enchantment. It is also good to use for increasing psychic powers, obtaining good luck healing emotional pain and soothing anger. Rose incense is also associated with healing, being especially effective in dealing with insomnia, phobias and stress. -Fruity : .Strawberry - Strawberry incense should be burned to increase loving vibrations in the home, to resolve quarrels and make us more aware of the beauty that surrounds us in life. The scent of strawberries is also an effective tool to aid visualisation. .Coconut - Coconut is a wonderful incense that helps to promote new energies, new beginnings and the flow of new life. It has very strong associations with motherhood. It can also help to banish all forms of negative energy and is an effective incense for protecting oneself from such energies. .Green Apple - Green Apple, the most aromatic variety of the fruit, is the base of a heavenly incense that evokes the scent of nature. The pleasant scent brings the summer into your home. Uplifting, it is great for a happy time with friends, parties, or any moment you wish to accent a good feeling or a moment of joy. .Lemon - The delightfully fresh, citrus aroma of lemon keeps the mind clear and alert and is highly beneficial for the complexion. The aroma acts as an antiseptic, revitaliser and uplifter of moods. -Naturals : .Frankincense - Frankincense sticks when burned is said to help calm the mind and body and to aid meditation. It is also believed to help increase courage, strength, joy and success. In terms of healing it is said to be particularly effective when dealing with throat problems. .Myrrh - Experience one of the fabled scents of biblical times with Hem Myrrh. The aroma of this priceless commodity recreates the splendor of the ancient world. Myrrh has been used for many medicinal purposes. It was considered as a cure for cancer and was also used to treat leprosy and syphilis. It is also used to bring good luck to people. .Patchouli - Patchouli incense should be burned to increase prosperity and wealth. It also helps us protect and keep the possessions we have already obtained. In terms of healing patchouli helps to soothe burns and increase fertility. .Honey - It's sweet, a truly premium quality scent, once you burn this, you will want more! Honey incense sticks should charm to all incense lovers, a rich, sweet incense that does have the scent of honey, has a stronger deeper resinous note. This one is the one you burn when you want the room to smell wonderful for hours after. -Aroma Threapy : .Arruda - Arruda is a wonderful old and ancient scent! It has some nice aromatherapy benefits. Arruda incense can be burnt to help to uncover secrets and hidden talents. .Aloe-vera - A heady, sweet scent to relax the mind and soul. Derived from the aloe vera plant. Aloe Vera is a very effective healer. Aloe vera contains over more than 70 different ingredients, which are beneficial in terms of its aromatherapy benefits. .Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus incense is made principally of ground eucalyptus leaves, known for their respiratory and antiseptic properties, cade wood, traditionally burned to purify the air and keep insect away. The aroma therapy benefits complement the good fragrance of eucalyptus. .Rosemary - Rosemary is the herb of remembrance and friendship. Rosemary has been used throughout history to fumigate and purify spaces. It was used by virtually all ancient cultures to clean and disinfect living and meeting areas and aroma therapy applications. -Twin Series & Mysticals : .Sandal Cinnamon - This pack is a mixture of Sandalwood and Cinnamon incense. Cinnamon, when burned helps to increase psychic powers, helps in cleansing and aids most matters concerned with spirituality. It is also said to help induce love and passion. Sandalwood fragrance is used as a part of Ayurveda an ancient Indian system of healing. Sandalwood can be burned to banish negativity, help with spiritual concerns, peace, serenity and all forms of meditation. .Vanilla Rose - Vanilla incense when burned helps to increase love and passion. It helps to maintain harmony and fidelity within relationships. In terms of healing vanilla helps to reduce anxiety and help ease skin problems. Rose has a pleasing, rich scent with a sweet note. The two are perfectly blended for casual family moments. .Money Drawing - Money Drawing is a deep fruity flower. Business owners, investors, gamblers, and job employees -- everyone could use more money! For generations, a special herb and mineral blend called Money Drawing has been reputed to attract income, wealth, and riches. Money Drawing is available as a fragrant stick, can be used in money spells for business and luck. .Fortune - It is like opening a door to find an old friend waiting for you. Fortune Incense means "Opening the door to Good Fortune." There is no better treasure than knowing your own true self, or true nature, and Fortune is an incense offering in this spirit. Containing fine substances, it is one of the most popular incense creations.

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9 & 10, 7th Main J.C. Industrial Estate,
Kanakpura Road.,
BANGALORE - 560062 (Karnataka) India

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