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Deluxe Scientific Surgico


Deluxe Scientific Surgico

Deluxe Scientific Surgico

Delhi, Delhi, India

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Deluxe Scientific Surgico (DESCO) is a leading manufacturer, consolidator and exporter of Surgical, Medical, Hospital & Laboratory Products according to the requirement of our valued clients. We are proud that doctors and scientist around the world are using our products. Our variety range combined with competitively priced products gives the added advantage of a "ONE STOP SHOP" to us. Our products have found appreciable, reasonable and recommendable in the field of medical professionals and scientist & are being imported by several countries for their quality and cost effectiveness. Prices of DESCO products are very reasonable and most competitive according to the present market situation. We are supplying our quality products with full responsibility. Our products are always of best quality and excellent workmanship. Our objective is utmost satisfaction of our clients by supplying quality and economical products within the stipulated delivery periods.
DESCO has been founded in 1966 and built a registered office in the capital city of India. The Company has committed to provide quality products as per international standards and the demand of its clients within short delivery periods. DESCO has captured its dreamed growth as it gives priority for customer satisfaction. With years of experience the company stands in the National and International Market as a trusted formula for entire Hospital and Laboratory needs. The company is maintaining the following departments:-
A) Manufacturing
B) Quality Control
C) Packaging & Labeling
D) Purchase
E) Domestic Supply
F) Export
1. DESCO is also maintaining its network in various countries to comprehend the exact requirement of the end users and the atmosphere in the local markets.
2. DESCO is also procuring specific products of different origins as requested by its customers to complete any particular Medical, Hospital & Laboratory Supply Packages.
3. DESCO uses its experience and expertise for performing economical packages by choosing cost-effective shipping lines.
4. DESCO is also participating in various National & International tenders through our networks.

Products :

We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical, Medical, Hospital & Laboratory Products. Our Products are : 1. Anaesthesia Products -Laryngoscopes -Silicon Resuscitator (Adult & Infants) -Ambu Type Bag (Artificial Resuscitator) Adult -Rebreathing Bags - Black/Blue Rubber -Ambu Type Bag (Artificial Resuscitator) -Child Magil Forceps Child & Adult 2. Dissection Sets 3. Diagnostic Products -Sphygmomanometer & Spare Parts -Dental Instruments -Stethoscopes & Spare Parts -Magnifier - Loupes & Optics -Reflex Hammers & Tuning Forks -ENT Set -Dental Chair -Head Mirror -Foetal Heart -Head Light (German Type) -Ear Syringe -Head Light (Clark Type) -Vaginal Speculum -Otoscopes -Tongue Spatula - S-Shape -Tongue Spatula - L-Shape 4. Dressing Material -Trauma Bandages -Crepe Bandages -POP Bandages -Rolled Bandages -Elastic Adhesive Bandages -Gauze Rolls -Absorbent -Cotton Wool Cotton Pad -Adhesive F.A. Dressing -Adhesive Tape 5. Educational Material -Health Charts -Science Charts -Maps - Political -Maps - Physical -Science Models -Globes -Mathematical Kits -Tool Kits 6. Forcep & Tweezers 7. Dissposable Products -I.V. Cannula -I.V. Sets -Infant Feeding Tube -Ryles Tube -Scalp Vein Set -Cathetors 8. General Laboratory Goods -Surgical Blades & Handle -Micro Spatula -Bosshead Clamp -Crucible Tong -Magnets -Stop Clock -Test Tube Holders -Cover Slips (Glasses) -Spatula with Handle -Watch Glass -Beaker & Flask Tong -Blood Cells Counter (Manual) -Retort Clamp -Spring Balance -Slide Box -Enema Products -Microscope Slides -Hot Water Bottles -Rubber Stoppers -Chloroform Bellows -Spring for Wave Demo -Rubber Cathetor -Mackintosh Sheeting -Dropping Pipettes -Pipette Filter Bulbs - 3 Way -Sprit Lamp -Surgical / Laboratory Rubber Tubing -Haemometer Sahili Type -Plasticwares -Haemocytometer -Bunsen Burner -Slide Tray / Rack -Pinch Clip -E.S.R. Stand (Westergreem) -Magnetic Compass -Wintrobe Stand -Spatula -Centrifugal Machine 9. General Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments -Haemostatic Forcep -Artery Forcep -Backhaus Towel Forcep -Needle Holder -Sponge Holding Forcep -Allis Tissue Forcep -Proctoscope with Orbturator -Lenganback Retractor -Abdominal Retractor 10. Hospital Hollowares -Bed Pan -Douche Can -Kidney Trays -Trays - Surgical/Dressing/Instrument/Catheter -Gallipot & Sputum Mugs - Stainless Steel -Bowls & Basins - Stainless Steel -Instrument Sterilizer - Stainless Steel -Dressing Drum - Stainless Steel -Autoclaves 11. Hospital Garments -Aprons - Cloth, Plastic & Disposable -Doctor Coat - Cotton & Terrycot -Gowns - Cloth & Plastic -Caps - Surgeon & Nurses -Face Mask - Cloth, Disposable & General -Patient Suits -Sheets -Towels 12. Hospital Furnitures -Plain Hospital Beds -Electrical Beds -Semi-Fowler & Fowler -Beds Beds for ICU -Recovery Beds -Paediatric Beds -Examination, Orthopedic & Delivery Beds -Bed Side Trolley -Bed Side Locker -Bed Side Screen -Cabinet for Medicine -Cupboards -Bedside Cabinet -Dressing Instruments, Medicine, Linen, Food, Mortuary & Ward Trollies 13. Laboratory Equipments -Water Bath -Ovens -Centrifuges -Incubators -V.D.R.L. Rotator -Deep Freezer -Shakers -Colony Counter -Student Dissecting Microscope -Binocular Research Microscope -Monocular Research Microsope -Medical Microscope -Overhead Projector -Slide Projector 14. Medical Equipments -Manual & Electrical Suction Machine -Feotal Heart Monitor -ECG Machine -Ultrasound Scanner -Pulse Oximeter -Diathermy Machine 15. Medical Kits -First Aid Kits -Emergency Health Kits -TBA Kits -Midwifery Kits -MCH Kits -IUD Insertion Kits -Major Trauma Kits -Kits for Phycisaon -Resuscitation Kit -Snake Bite Kits -Food Kits -Hygiene Kits 16. Operation Theatre Items -O.T. Lights -O.T. Tables - Manual / Hydraulic 17. Scissors -Iris Scissor -Operating Scissor -Kilner Scissor -Stich Scissor -Bandage Scissor -Metzenbaum Scissor -Mayo Scissor 18. Surgical Instrument Sets -Instrument Set

Contact Info

Deluxe Scientific Surgico

Desco House, B-84, Ground Floor,
West Vinod Nagar, (Opp. Press Apparatment)
I.P Extension
Delhi - 110092 (Delhi) India

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