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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

We offer complete knowhow of the products manufactured by us, Our products are backed by detailed documentation and prompt after sales services. We also undertake firmware and software development as well.

Products :

Manufacturers of- Displays & Advertisement Products:- Rolling Display Displays information in any language in three colours in attractive effects can be operated from a computer or a keyboard. Suitable at stock exchanges, shop floors ,railway stations and airports. Bank Token Indicator Displays token number in numeric / alphanumeric digits. Score Boards Displays the score / names of teams. Digital Line Frequency Indicator Displays the power supply frequency. Digital Clocks & Master Slave Clock System Displays real time at one point or at multiple locations. Fixed Movement LED Displays Indicates a process / functioning of equipment. Seven Segment LED Display Modules For any equipment act as a slave display on shop floor for the master located at a long distance. Flasher Chaser Control Neon sign tubes. Rotating Table Keeps on rotating the products kept on it. GOLD RAte Indicator Displays current Gold Rate. Timers:- Timers & Counters for Yoga Timers for Photography Staircase Light Timer Stabilizers - Servo Stabilizers Voltage Cutouts TV ,Freeze ,AC Stabilizers Home Protector Ultra Isolation Transformers Transformers Household Products- Loud Speaking & Phone Type Intercom Musical Bells Mail Indicator Liquid Level Controller Kitchen Timer Battery Eliminator / Power Supply Battery Charger Central Battery Emergency Light System Security Products:- Alarm for Voltage ,Temperature etc. Gives audible / visual alarm when voltage / temperature exceeds limits. Remote Bell A battery or mains operated bell operated from directional / directionless remote. Remote Bell A battery or mains operated bell operated from directional / directionless remote. Remote Door Opener A handheld battery operated remote / switch can operate a latch. Barking Bell At switch on produces ,loud barking sound of a dog. Intruder Proximity Alarm A audible or visual alarm is sounded when invisible beam is interupted . Wicket Gate Opening Alarm A audible or visual alarm is sounded when gate is opened. Door Guard When the main door is opened ,audible /visual alarm is sounded after a preset time delay. Car Security System Audible / visual alarm is given when unauthorised person touches the car. Door Phone To communicate the visitor or to monitor the conversation at the door from a independent telephone. Also the door phone can be directly connected to any EPABX. Listening Bug Twilight Switch Auto Cabin Door Opener / Closer wireless / wired remote to lock / unlock the cabin door. Miniature Close Circuit Camera Used for surveillance applications and monitoring the premises / campus. Door Vision Gives a complete , clear image of the person standing at the door. Telephone House Guard To monitor house from distance by dialling our number , as the sounds in our house can be heard. Guard Alert The unit sound a bell every 15/30 minutes to keep the guard alert. If the bell is not reset, the internal counter advances by one. Telephone Houseguard With this unit you can monitor the positions of the doors in your house by dialing your house telephone from anywhere. Also you can hear the conversation going on in your house from a remote place. Manual / Automatic Telephone Recording Unit Records conversation of both the parties on a ordinary tape recorder. Hospital Equipments Musical Room Call Indicator Soft music & LED indication is given after a patient presses a switch. Intercom System For communication from any room to reception. Display for calling Patients The number given to patient is displayed to call him in. Telephone Products EPABX & EPAX upto 100 lines For communication with each other and external parties. Auto Night Lamp Switches on light when telephone rings ,when call is over switches off light after 1 minute. Music on Hold Caller gets music when the call is on hold. Automatic / Manual Telephone Recording Unit Automatic message recording for 1 minute. Three Minutes Disconnector Disconnects the call after three minutes. Flasher Attachment Flashes the light when the telephone bell rings. Additional Musical Bell The bell gives melodous sound when the bell rings. Society Intercom For communication from common phone at basement with each flat. Society Telephone Exchange For communication between any flat to every flat. Solar Energy Based Products Solar Insecticide Sprayer Operates a battery operated motorised ultra low volume sprayer from solar energy. Saves insecticides Solar Battery Charger Charges battery on Solar Energy. Convertor to operate tape / Radio on Solar Energy The domestic equipment can be operated on Solar Energy. Solar Lantern A Lantern operates on Solar Energy. Electronic Hobby Kits Audio, Video, Entertainment, Timers, Control Over 100 Easy to build kits with detailed circuit diagram , instructions and tested components. Only PCB also can be supplied. Extremely useful for students, Educatiional Institutes & Hobbist. Firmware & Software- List of Hi-Tech products developed 1. Powerline data aquization system 2. Universal Input scanner cum Mod Bus Slave 3. 10 Ft X 20 Ft Multicolour Multilingual animated PC based graphics display board. 4. 186 based card for Unix system to run DOS under Unix 5. Production management displays for Indica plant Telco Microcontroller Based Products 1. Flow integrator totalizer. 2. Controller for wave soldering machine 3. Controller for Reflow oven 4. Controller for liquid dispensing machine 5. Oxygen analyser 6. Protocol converters for PLC 7. Loop power intelligent flow transmitter 8. Talking token indicator for banks 9. Auto announcement display for Bus stand & Railways Software 1. Windows based stores & inventory management 2. Software for temperature controlled systems 3. Software for hotel management with billing and inventory control Novel Gift Items- Pens with Light Plastic caps for protection of open electricals sockets Envelop opener Stapler remover Plastic Magnifiers/Book Readers

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Plot No. 43 ,Electronic Co-Op Estate
Ltd., Pune Satara Rd, Parvati.

Pune - 411 009 (Maharashtra) India

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