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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Consumergoods Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Our Organisation Pramuka Exports Private Limited situated in Hyderabad - AP India, is a Manufacturing & Trading Company and very active in International business.
Our company is a Registered in India's Export Promotion Council's like Agricultural processed Export Development Authority (APEDA) and Tobacco Board . We are growers of VARGINIA TOBACCO and specialized in Raw Tobacco. We have our own plant in A.P India . We supply on regular basis to cigarettes companies locally in India as well as overseas.We have all quality and range of tobacco. We are also dealing with various products in Global Market especially in Agro-based products like Grains-rice etc. / wheat / barley and processed foods, bulk commodities, Tobacco, Cigrattes & Colour cigarettes, Flavored Bidis, wide varitiesofspiceslikeTurmeric, Chilles, Ginger, Garlic, Cardamom, Tamarind, Instant Tamarind, Tamarind seeds/seed powder , Black Pepper, Cloves, Coriander, Fennel, Lysozyme Chloride & Shell flakes), DAP, Rock Phosphate, Sulphur, Soda Ash etc., Apart from the items mentioned above we can also cater to any specific enquiry of any product with promptness and competitiveness. Are you looking for Highly professionalised services from India.

Products :

We are Export Promotion Council's like Agricultural processed Export Development Authority (APEDA) and Tobacco Board. Our Product & Service : Unmanufactured Tobaccos & CUT-RAG Tobaccos, VFC andVAC tobacco in the form of leaf, redried-strips and redried thrushed lamina(RTL), White Burley, Turmeric, Red Dry Chillies, Ginger, Fennel, Corriender, Masalas in Consumer Packs ( WHOLE or POWDERED BROKEN RICE (100%) WHITE & PAR-BOILED RICE FROM ASIAN COUNTRIES Milled/Polished RICE (Basmati & Non-Basmati Long Grain -Fine & Super fine Varieties) WHITE & PAR-BOILED Cashew Kernels (Plain & Salted) in consumer packs with Nitrogen Flusshing INSTANT TAMARIND FRUIT CONCENTRATE & TAMARIND SEEDS : Pkd in 250 gms / 500 gms / 1kg pet Jars & in 100 kgs Bulk TOMATO PASTE or PUREE of 28/30/32 Brix ALL PULSES ~ MASSSOR DAL, CHICK PEAS, MOUNG DAL, URD DAL, CHANNA DAL(WHOLE/SPLIT) CORN POWDER, CORN STARCH ANS CORN/MAIZE Canned Food Items, Canned Food(mushrooms), Natural Mango Pulp Concentrates - AMP & TMP Pickels, Fruits, Mango Pulps, Pineapple Slices/Titbits Dessicated Coconut Powder & Coconut Shell Powder and Wood Powder / Flo ur. Flavoured and Regular Bideeis, Cigars UREA 46% N , DAP, MOP and other Chemicals & Fertilizers Polished granite salbs and calibrated tiles in all colours, BLACK GALAXY Rough blocks MATCH BOXES - AVAILABLE WITH VARIOUS TYPES - FOR POSH HOTELS, DOMESTIC PURPOSES AND ESTABLISHMENTS INVIGRA Male Latex Condoms [ Enjoys quality approval from FDA] Sugar cane molasses Iron ore, manganese ore, bouxite etc(all minerals) Cement(opc) and clinker HMS1&2, non-ferrous scrap, steel billets Met coke and coal Rectified spirit and ethenol

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Plot no 102/b,Dwarakamai nagar,

HYDERABAD - 500070 (Andhra Pradesh) India

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