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New delhi, Delhi, India

Consumergoods Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2004

Welcome Enterprises, (The House of Industrial Self Adhesive Tapes) established in the year 2004 in New Delhi (India), with the vision of manufacturing/distributor/marketing/supplying the Industrial Consumable requirement of Specialty Self Adhesive tape (single & double side adhesive tape) and related products, steadily growing by adopting the latest solutions and adopting the changes in tune with the customer’s requirement. Our organization has latest machinery specially made, designed & cutting adhesive tapes as per requirement of our clients and supply of best quality products at economical price and timely delivered.

Products :

Products – Industrial Self Adhesive Tapes 1. Adhesive tape - is an adhesive-coated fastening tape used for temporary or, in some cases, permanent joining. Single-sided tapes allow joining of two overlapping or adjoining materials, while double-sided tape (adhesive on both sides) allows joining of two items back-to-back. 2. Electrical Insulating Tape (PVC Insulation Tape) - All purpose such as coil / transformer insulation, inter-phase insulation, outer wrap for coils and capacitors, harness wrap, lead anchoring, slot edging, wrapping wire pull-outs in stick transformer. 3. BOPP Packaging Tape - Acrylic carton sealing tapes maintain their adhesive properties better and longer; they perform better at temperature extremes. They are more resistant to ageing, weathering, sunlight and discoloration than hot melt tapes. 4. Masking Paper Tapes - is a type of adhesive tape made of easy-to-tear paper backed with a relatively weak adhesive. It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that shouldn't be painted. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be removed without stripping off newly-applied paint. 5. Aluminum Foil Tape - is coated with an aggressive, high temperature acrylic adhesive system and is designed for superior conformability in vapor sealing of fiberglass duct board, sheet metal ducts & FSK systems. 6. Marking Tape - is designed for industrial, commercial and recreational safety marking applications. Used to identify aisles, steps, equipment and potentially hazardous areas. 7. Duct Tape - Polyethylene-coated cloth tapes are durable that can be used for a very wide range of applications. Noted for their water, chemical and abrasion resistance. Polyethylene-coated cloth tapes can be used for masking, sealing, packaging, bundling and other general purpose applications. 8. Vinyl Electrical Tapes - is designed to perform in temperature environments up to 80oC (176oF), has excellent resistance to: acids, alkalis, abrasion, moisture, corrosion and varying weather conditions (i.E.: sunlight). 9. Glass Cloth / Polyester - provides heat stable insulation for hot spots. The woven electrical grade cloth backing is recommended where resistance to high temperature and maintenance of mechanical strength is required. The tape has excellent thermal stability, high adhesion, and high tensile strength. 10. Filament Strapping Tape - Filament Strapping tape is a uni-directional, fiberglass strand reinforced, film backed, and rubber based pressure sensitive strapping tape. 11. Thread Seal Tape - For thread sealing iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, glass or rubber pipes to ensure leak proof connections. Provides chemically inert, no hardening, non-contaminating permanent seal capable of withstanding temperatures from - 375?F to 500?F. 12. Double Coated Tape - is a domestic pressure sensitive, water-clear, solid acrylic tape system designed to provide a superior bond between varieties of substrates. The tape possesses a uniform high-tack acrylic adhesive on both surfaces and will bond to most clean, dry, oil-free substrates.

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BOPP Packaging Tape (Printed or Plain)
Acrylic carton sealing tapes maintain their adhesive properties better and longer; they perform better at temperature extremes. They are more resistant to ageing, weather....

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NEW DELHI - 110018 (Delhi) India

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